London Date Ideas

Dating is a lot of fun but coming up with new ideas can be stressful, being put under pressure to come up with the perfect day or knowing what’s around in your budget. London is…

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Calendar Girls the Musical

Gary Barlow and Tim Firth have paired together to create the stage production of the 2003 British comedy, Calendar Girls. Based on a real life story of a group of ordinary ladies who achieved something…

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Avex Recital Series 2019: Nobuaki Fukukawa

I am a fan of the arts and theatre, and I am very fortunate that I often get opportunities to watch new shows to review on here. And this post is just that. I was…

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Happy New Year!

I love New Years day and the build up to the New Year. I just feel excited for the next year, and the challenges and adventures to come with it. I had a good time…

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One of my favourite things to do once the excitement of Christmas is fizzling away, and you enter that weird limbo period between Christmas and new year, where you have no idea what day of…

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