Bon voyage…

I haven’t posted a blog in a while and that’s because I have been super busy! A trip to Paris is one of the reasons!


I went to Paris with my lovely boyfriend for his 21st. The only word I can use to sum it up was INCREDIBLE! I loved every minute of it. If you love adventure, culture, shopping and a lot of sight seeing then Paris is the city for you. I went via the euro star from London St Pancras – it was brilliant – fast, no hassle and easy.


Here is a small snapshot of my trip!

We were there for 5 days and managed to fit in all the major touristy attractions and shopping!

⚫️The Champs-élysées
⚫️Arch De Triumph
⚫️The Notre Dam
⚫️The Louvre
⚫️The Eiffel Tour
⚫️Disney Land

I was pleasantly surprised, as I was told how expensive it is in Paris. Most of the attractions were free – as I am European and under 24. The only places I paid for was Disney Land and at a discounted rate the Eiffel Tour.

The Notre Dam was by far my favourite place. It was breath-taking! We went inside and took in the history of the building and then after queuing for quite a while managed to climb to the very top which was very high up, and displayed a beautiful view of the city.


Disney Land was… Well, magical! I transformed back into the child in me. Even my other half who is not normally a fan of all things Disney, loved it. We had an amazing day and I will always remember it!

I could talk about Paris forever! And I would highly recommend for anyone thinking of going. It was magical, romantic and full of culture.

Thanks a lot!
Anna x


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