Into the woods…


“Once upon a time… In a far off Kingdom… There lived a young maiden, a sad young lad, and a childless baker with his wife.”

Is how the story of these characters all crossing paths ‘ into the woods’ starts. ‘Into the woods’ is Disney’s new twist on classical fairy tales and sees the paths of a few familiar faces meet on their different journeys ‘into the woods’.

It is a full set of stars in the cast with Meryl Streep, Johnny Depp and James Corden being a few names. Streep’s performance was to be expected outstanding as normal she plays the witch, which was done perfectly. I could say the same thing for Johnny Depps rather short cameo in the film as the wolf – though we didn’t see a lot from him, his short role was magnificent. And I was pleasantly surprised by James Corden’s role, who knew he could act and sing like that. Don’t get me wrong; he’s no Johnny Depp but as a one of the integral parts to the film he did very well and added some very funny and emotional moments.

It was a very long film, as half way through I thought it was the end but then there was a dramatic twist – I won’t go into detail as I don’t want to ruin it for those who haven’t seen it! The songs were amazing and brilliantly performed however again they were quite long and repetitive, but if you are a Disney or musical fan like me you won’t mind – however my other half did nearly fall asleep!

I am loving how Disney are bringing back and adapting the olde stories with a modern take. And into the woods is a delightful example of this. Definitely recommend seeing it!

Just a quick side note, I am in no way a professional writer so this review will not be brilliant, (Also the picture is not my own, I got it from the internet.) I just wanted to share my views on the new film. If you have seen it let me know what you thought? And if you haven’t seen it – don’t miss out!

Thanks a lot!

Anna x


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