So we are in to the second month of 2015 already, and it’s certainly not been boring! Over January I had my birthday, had lots of interviews was leaving my job – to then find out I have been given a permanent position! It’s been very stressful and hectic, hence why I have been slacking on the blog front…

However, it’s February and I’m sorted in the job department so no excuses now! Hopefully February will be a good month – feeling lots of positive vibes – I was told recently if you constantly think positively, and tell yourself positive things then good things will come to you. So we will see!

Valentine’s Day is creeping up on us, for those in relationships and people who are all for the commercial day then it will be all lovey dovey and romantic, and you may be lucky enough to receive a few gifts – or wishful thinking! But if not don’t let it get you down – treat yourself, as they say “you must learn to love yourself, before you can expect someone to love you.” (any excuse to go on a shopping spree!)

By this time of the year people are starting to give up on some of their New Years resolutions – however I am doing pretty well on the saving front! One month in and so far so good. Let’s see how long I can last…

I am planning a little family trip away in February which I am looking forward to, a chance for some family fun, and exploring somewhere new!

Sorry it’s only been a short post, but I am back on it now so they will be more regular!

Thanks a lot!

Anna xx


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