Make up haul| beauty products I have been loving

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I have been on a beauty overload this month and have bought many items so I thought for today’s post I would share a few products I have got recently that I am loving! 


 Firstly my – Detangler brush – from Beauty bayI love beauty bays version of the ‘tangle teaser’ – it does wonders for my very notty hair! I love that it’s bright pink and i find it easier to use than my normal hair brush!

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 I also have recently purchased – ‘Origins ‘ a perfect world’ cleanser/ face wash. I love origins products anyway, but this creamy facial cleanser is so lovely on my skin and makes my face feel so clean and fresh! It has cleared up my blemishes/spots so quickly!

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I have been loving lipsticks recently – they can create a dramatic change to any look! Here are a few of my recent purchases;

  • Bourjois Paris – colour boost lip pencil (04 peach on the beach) I love this glossy, bright, vibrant colour and the creamy texture is really moisturising and feels lush on your lips – which is so soothing in this weather, with all the dry lips! 
  • MAC – Amplified  lip stick in the shade ‘saint Germain’ (pink) – I LOVE THIS – it’s such a bright, sassy colour which isn’t something I usually go for. I wanted to push the boundaries a bit… I also bought the matte lipstick in the shade ‘Mehr’ – I love this pinky, natural colour. It fits with any look and is brilliant for any every day lipstick – I have been using this all week for work! 
  • Bobbi Brown – Creamy matte lip colour in the shade ‘latte 6’ – this is a super cute coffee coloured shade! It gives a really mature look I feel, I wasn’t too sure about it after I bought it but I’m going to keep trying it out. I’m sure it will work out!


For anyone who knows me and how pale skinned I am they will know this is kind of a big deal! I am always really unsure with bronzes and dark blushes due to my pale complexion. I have also been very dubious towards the whole idea of contouring -however me being a 🐏 … I really wanted to see what the whole whoha is all about and to see if it really works?! 

I didn’t want to start off too daring so I stuck with a simple option. I purchased ‘Define &conquer’ Contour kit – by Seventeen at Boots. I got this in the lighter shade. And it came in a cute little compact box which look familiar to a NARS palette. It also comes with a simple little instruction sheet to show you how to apply – perfect if you are a novice (like I was) I rio idly recommend this is you are like me and wanting to try it out. I have recommended it to friends and colleagues too who have all really enjoyed using it! It was super cheap too at only £5.99 (BARGAIN!)

Beauty Bay – Eyeshadow palette.

I purchased this recently too from ‘Beauty Bay’ it’s a neutral, pinky and natural tones mixture eyeshadow palette. I genuinely like and will use all of the colours in this palette – which I think is rare for me with most palettes. There’s such a nice selection of colours and they are all so far, really well pigmented and sit really nicely on the eyes. They blend really nicely and the colours pair up really nicely too! I love them! And they will be perfect for the up coming season.

One of my all time fav’s! 

My boyfriend bought me a set from ‘Body Shop’ for Valentine’s Day, in my favourite scent – the strawberry one 🍓

This body butter is a-maz-ing! So much value for money, it smells amazing, feels amazing and is one of the best moisturise I have ever come across! 


I have gone back to using Aussie products on my hair! I forgot how good they make my hair feel. This ‘3 minute miracle colour deep treatment’ is brilliant, really does what is on the label giving your hair that extra boost when it’s needed. And smells heavenly. 

Elizabeth Arden eight hour – hand cream

I love the eight hour cream and I thought I would give the hand cream a try. It doesn’t disappoint. It is so nourishing on my hands and had really helped as the cold weather has really dried my skin out. The only down side is it isn’t the nicest smelling product ever…

That’s pretty much it as far as my favourite recent beauty purchases go! Let me know if you have been using any of these or maybe something different that you want to recommend! 

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Thanks a lot!

Anna x

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