Weekend with the family| Bognor Regis 


The face of pure excitement ahead of a weekend at Butlins! (Sense the sarcasm there?!) 

A couple of weekends ago I spent the weekend with my family and boyfriend in the British seaside resort town of Bognor Regis – Butlins. I was to say the least – a bit apprehensive as I had my reservations  and then when we arrived we checked into our apartments; my boyfriend and I shared our own apartment which slept 4 adults and then my family were next door to us. I was pleasantly surprised! 

The apartments were very modern and clean, they had everything you need. The bathroom was my favourite room as it had a mahoosive mirror! We stayed in the basic accommodation. It was lovely and cosy – did the job nicely. 


The first evening we went to one of the many eateries they had to offer  we ended up in a cute little diner. I had a lush lamb burger and milkshake – which was to die for! It was all American themed even down to the waiter and waitress in the 60s style big skirt and retro hair – they were very in character throughout the whole meal and even performed songs when not serving tables. 


We then headed over to the main stage arena  – which we did each evening. The Friday night was a Jersey Boys act – it was incredible! Such a great show and I loved all the songs it was right up my street. I just wanted to get up and dance. 




On the Saturday myself and the Boyf decided to have a stroll along the seafront and head into the high street to have a nose around as I have not been there before…

It was possibly one of the windiest days ever! So as you can imagine walking along a seafront , hair in face and water in the eyes and wind just causing chaos! So not too many selfies – but we managed to capture a few shots on the beach ^^

Bognor hasn’t got the best high street in the world and I wouldn’t recommend it for a place to go shopping… There was very little there but that still didn’t stop me from spending an hour in the boots and super drug there and picking up some beauty “essentials”. Although I know Chichester isn’t too far away or ️Brighton which I have been to both and loved the shopping there! 



The second night activities included watching a fabulous ‘Queen’ act which was amazing and non stop – the performers are seriously talented and was a great evenings entertainment! 

On our last day we spent it mainly focusing on the kids as that was essentially why we were there. I have two very little brothers and we spent the day playing in the fun fair, went swimming, watched a show, played in the arcades and then spent the afternoon renting out a go-kart thing which was absolutely hilarious! The Boyf and I also stopped off in a little rustic restaurant  too for some brunch – it was De-li-cious – such a good day! 

On the way home we stopped off in a little pub for a nice famil meal to end the weekend! I have realised there is a theme here – FOOD! 

It was surprisingly such a good weekend and Butlins has in someways not changed at all since I was a little girl but in contrast it has changed in so many ways as its so much more modern now! There were some lovely eateries, a real choice of places to go! And the shows were fabulous, very entertaining! The only down side was; Bognor Regis isn’t the most interesting of places so outside the complex was very limited and the shopping was awful! Also you get charged for cash withdrawls inside the complex, which was slightly irritating. The weekend in total for my boyfriend and I was £160 for the accommodation (Friday – Monday) I probably spent around £100 on food and random activities for the weekend. 

Let me know if you are planning on going to Butlins or want a little family get away and are thinking of places for in the UK. Hopefully this has given you a little look into what it’s like! 

Thanks a lot! 

Anna x


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