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So recently I have been going mad with buying homeware stuff from all over the place. Mostly from Primark but a few bits from store twenty one, Zara home and ASDA home section! 

I still live at home with my family; so I don’t have my own place to decorate but I have a good go with my room! I really like a few areas so I thought I would share and maybe give some inspiration if you are decorating at the moment?!

I will warn you, my bedroom is the loft room, which is all wooden (it was like that when we moved here!) so I don’t have a particular colour scheme as the no colour on my walls, it is all wooden. 


This is the ‘Beauty Station’ as I like to call it. I don’t always necessarily get ready here because I have a large floor length mirror the other side of my room which gets better natural lighting, however this is where I keep my brushes, hair bands/pins, my straighteners, cotton pads, hair spray and a few other products. I also have a couple of cute candles on there too, to brighten the area up – plus I just love candles! I store all my beauty products in the draws below! The plate holding my jewellery is from Zara home in the sale it was I think £1 – so I got two – I keep my regular jewellery that I wear  there, so it’s easy to get to. The pots that my brushes are in are actually plant pots, we have had them in a cupboard not being used for so long so I cleaned them up and use them for brushes now. One  has all my face brushes in and the other has eyeshadow and blending brushes along with a few sponges. I keep my cotton pads in a plastic kilner jar, you can pick these up pretty cheap from anywhere really – I know they have them in Asda for £1.50. The little glass trinket was actually a candle from Primark – I got it just befor Christmas as it smelt lush but I also loved this cute glass trinket and thought it would be perfect for my hair pins and hair bands. So when it burned out I cleaned it up and use it for just that! My mirror has a normal side and then you can spin it over for a zoomed in side. It also has a little light switch, so the outside lights up which I love. I got this a couple of years ago from boots! 


I love this little set up! The little grey canvas is from Primark, I think it was £2.50. I am all into the positive quotes and stuff at the moment! I also bought a pink cushion from Primark that is the same style as this but the word is ‘smile’. I think it’s really cute and such a nice little thing to fill an empty space. I bought this tall, pink Buddha from store twenty one in the sale it was only £1.50 – so an absolute bargain! I think they both pair so nicely and it looks very chić! 


This one is just to show how I store all my current perfumes, in my white box/shelving thingy from IKEA. I have them all spaced out and then in front of the perfumes is the other plate from Zara home (see above) which is currently holding my Yankee candle oil burners (which smell amazing!)


On another one of my shelf thingy’s I have this really cute, shabby chić drawer with a little love heart mirror. I keep a few of my necklaces in the drawer. I got the drawer as a gift so I’m not sure where it’s from! And then in front of the drawers on display are some of many new sunnies that I got from Primark recently! 



 I bought this really cute massive – although it doesn’t look that big in the picture – retro sweetie jar from home bargains. It was only £2.99 and I loved it so had to get it! However I still haven’t found a use for it yet so I have it just perched on the shelf thingy like that. If you have any ideas what I could do with it leave  comment – that would be greatly appreciated! 


I love bunting it’s so cute! One of my lovely friends made this super cute, floral bunting for me as a gift! I absolutely love it and I have it going across my wall under my window! It’s so easy to get hold of and even to make, if you can sew! 


 This little area is a new addition to my room, the table is from idea (I think it’s a temporary fixture until I get a bedside drawer) I have some little fairy lights draped across. A little grey vase from store twenty one (£1) which is currently holding some nail files. A cute little candle which reads – “love the life you live, and live the life you love”  – it was only £1.99 from the card factory and it smells heavenly! And what I can only describe as this months ‘impulse’ buy from Asda home – the giant letter A – my name begins with an A so I had to have it, simple! It was £12. 


This floral detail clothes hamper/ wash basket thing was £4 from Primark and us a cute little addition to my room and stops me creating piles of clothes on my floor! 


If you are an organiser freak, like me, who writes lists after lists all the time for anything, then you will probably love this as much as me! My mum bought me this as a gift so unfortunately I’m not too sure where it’s from, but I’m sure you could find out online! It’s a super cute weekly planner chalk board! Although it is extremely hard to write on! I think this looks so cute and chić  (like a lot of things in my room) and is also very useful to see what the plan for the week ahead is…

Hopefully you liked this kind of post – and it may have given you some ideas or inspiration for your room! Let me know what you thought in the comments! <3 

Thanks a lot!

Anna x


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