Fragrances | A handful of my favourite scents…


So my boss at work has asked me to do a post on fragrances… So this is one as requested! 

I believe a fragrance is a girls (and guys) best friend. I don’t know about you, but I put some kind of fragrance on everyday and it automatically makes me feel a bit better, the finishing touch to getting ready… 

There are different kinds of fragrances out there – it’s all about the strength of the fragrance as to what category it’s in;

Perfume (parfum) – the strongest with 20-30% concentration of perfume oils.

Eau de parfum – 15-20% concentration 

Eau de toilette – 5-15% 

Eau de cologne – 2-4%

Eau fraićhe – 1-3%

Body spray/spritz – they aren’t concentrated and are much more watered down – they also have a higher percentage of alcohol used in them.



This is my all time favourite! ‘Nina’ by Nina ricci  – it’s an Eau de toilette and retails at around £38. I go through this so quickly because I adore it, it’s so feminine with a fresh, floral smell. 


I bought this recently in savers for £15. As I go through my Nina by Nina ricci so much I wanted a cheaper option for day time/ work perfume. This is also by Nina ricci it is called L’air Paris. Again it’s a floral scent but I think a bit more mature and not as sweet. (Definitely not as good) this is also an Eau de toilette!


I only discovered these in the last year – and they are my upcoming favourites, nearly on par with Nina! These are the two beauties by Thierry Mugler. The darker bottle on the left is ‘Alien‘ which retails at about £25. This is an Eau de parfum and smells Devine! I think it’s a very mysterious smell that you just can’t stop sniffing, I get a lot of complements when wearing this one! The star shaped bottle on the right is ‘Angel‘ retails at around £50 – this is amazing such an amazing smell, a real mixture of sweetness! Again this is an Eau de parfum. Both the perfumes are very long lasting have such lovely scents! These are both refillable bottles too which means once they have run out I can get them topped up a little bit cheaper, in certain fragrance shops! 


I was given this as a gift a couple of years ago, I wasn’t too sure at first about the smell as it’s not my usual sweet, floral scent. But after a while it grew on me and now I love it! And this is my second bottle! It is ‘Rogue‘ by Rihanna It’s not too expensive and does have a distinctive smell which is long lasting. And again I get a lot of complements when I wear this one! It retails at around £20 for this big 75ml bottle and it’s an Eau de parfum too so it’s quite strong! 


This is one of my ‘classics’ – when I first started exploring perfumes I bought this and fell in love, I bought it when I was on holiday in America so this became my ‘holiday’ scent and it brings back some of my holiday memories!  ‘Light blue‘ by Dolce & Gabbana This retails around £40 and it’s an Eau de toilette. It has a very fresh, cool smell! 


This is my current  Ted Baker body spray. I get one of these every year at Christmas in a little gift set! They are so cute to have in your hand bag. This is not a perfume so doesn’t have a perfume oil percentage like the other scents! But it still smells lush and is good if you are on the go and want a freshen up! You can pick these up in boots for £6


I have many more fragrances stored away, but these are a few of the ones I use more regularly! I hope you liked this post, and maybe it helps to understand what different kind of fragrances there are! Leave a comment and let me know what you think! 

Thanks a lot!

Anna x

5 thoughts on “Fragrances | A handful of my favourite scents…

  1. I love the ted baker spray and was really surprised by how nice it is! Nina is such a pretty scent but never tried any of the others so will definitely have to as it seems we have similar fragrance taste 🙂

    Beth x
    Bethany Georgina

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  2. I LOVE Alien & Angel, I just think they are timeless, I always buy them again when they run out and the Dolce & Gabana Light Blue is really nice for summer.

    Liked by 1 person

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