Teeth care | Review of Oral-B Pro 600 


This is probably a bit of a random post – but I thought I would write my first impressions of the Oral-B Pro 600  electronic tooth brush as this was my first electric tooth brush. I won’t be able to compare to other electric brushes, but I will share my first impressions, my honest opinion of the product and compare it to basic, non-electronic tooth brushes (old school tooth brush).  

The brush retails at £50 in the shops but I have seen it half price in loads of places recently! I bought mine in super drug for £25. Which I don’t think is too bad a price for an electronic tooth brush, considering there are some well over £100. In the box you receive the the charger lead, the base and then the head. You do need to get a plug thing to plug the charger as you can see in the picture. I picked one up in sainsburys for £2. Once you have fixed the head into the brush, you are ready to use it as it already has a little charge! But I put mine straight onto charge anyway. The charge lasts for days once charged over night! You have to replace the head of the brush every 6 months, which I don’t think is that bad. They are around £12 for the head, but you want to stay hygienic and clean, so I think it’s worth it. 

It states on the box ‘naturally whiter teeth in 2 weeks’ and I don’t know if that’s totally true but from my personal opinion, my teeth felt 100% better just after the first use! They honestly felt sqeeky clean and much better than when I normally brush! I then picked up the Oral-B pro expert tooth paste (to match my brush – as I’m sad like that) and by two weeks I was completely in love with brushing my teeth! I’m not sure if I would completely agree with the statement about making your teeth whiter after two weeks, however it does make your teeth feel super clean, and you are able to get to areas in your teeth that I don’t feel an old school tooth brush gets to! 

After using this product I never want to go back to an old school tooth brush again! It just feels like you have a cleaner and smoother finish! I never have a ‘too much tooth paste’ moment because you put it on your brush and the brush does all the work for you. It’s honestly so worth the money. If you are thinking of getting an electronic tooth brush, this one is so worth the money, and is perfect for starting off as there is no fancy features it purely does the job! 

Thanks a lot!

Anna x


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