Spring time fun | Isle of Wight 


This week I had a week off work! A chance to relax, unwind and have fun. It was such a lovely week and the weather was glorious. 

On the Wednesday my best friend and I took a trip along with my family to the Isle of Wight – which is a little island along the south of England! It’s so beautiful, with some lovely sandy beaches! 


Sandown  is possibly one of my favourite beaches in England especially in the south, the water is clear and it’s so sandy and clean! There’s nothing better than a stroll along sandown with an ice cream on a sunny day, letting sand get in between your toes with the smell of the fresh British seaside air! ☀️



It was a fun packed day! We had a stroll along the pier at Sandown, had a few photos in the face in a whole things, played on the bumper cars, of course wasted money in the good old 2p machines and just had a laugh! I also attempted to do a bit of rock climbing – but failed! 

In the afternoon we headed over to Alum bay – the home of the Isle of wights landmark – The Needles. We had a (competitive) game of crazy golf, which ended with me chasing my brother with a golf club. We had a lovely ice cream whilst walking around the beautiful, windy cliff top – with your hair down is not a good mix and ends up very messy! My best friend and I headed down the cliff side on a rickety old chair lift – we made it down in one piece and were attempting to skim pebbles but failed  once again – it’s a lot harder than it looks! We ended the day back on one of the other beaches ‘Shanklin‘ running around being silly and watching the sun go down – it was beautiful! 


When the sun is shining, the Isle of Wight is a very picturesque place! I love the depth of the cliffs which circle the whole of the island, there are so many colours. The beaches are so calm and pretty too unlike the popular larger beaches along the south such as Brighton and Bournemouth. 

You can take a boat trip into the coves and cliffs around the island. I really recommend doing that to anyone. It’s so pretty and there’s so much to see! It’s such a unique scene. 


 It is just like a lot of old fashioned British seaside towns with the piers and arcades, chippies along the front, ice cream stands and the striped deck chairs but there’s something about going to the Isle of Wight that I love and brings back some great childhood memories!  

Thanks a lot!

Anna x


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