Spring time fun | London ❤️


Also on my week off I took a trip with the boyfriend up to London for a couple of days! We had such a great time! – *warning* this post is going to be photo heavy! 

On the Thursday we went up by train to London, it’s only an hour or so on the train so not too bad! We checked into our hotel – which was A-MAZ-ING! And then started our trip! 


We stayed at the ‘The Grange City Hotel’ in Tower Bridge. It’s a 5* hotel and right opposite the Tower of London. It was such a lovely hotel, a 2 minute walk from the tube station. It has a spa which is free to guests. The concierge had a top hat on… A TOP HAT?! If that doesn’t scream out fancy, I don’t know what does! I booked this through last minute.com as in if there top secret deals. It was £99 for one night! (Bargain) 




Here is us travelling in the tube station – thought I would give you a feel of our day…


 Our first stop was ‘Covent Garden’ – I love it here. It’s so cute, there some brilliant shops, places to eat, a lovely market, street performers and there’s quite a few shows on too such as The lion king, The women in black and Matilda! 


 A street performer – this puzzled me! 


 The boyfriend and myself enjoying the sunshine in Covent Garden after doing a little bit of shopping.


We then searched for this place – Neals Street! After I bought the Neals yard remedies beauty book and found out they had a street in Covent Garden I just had to go! It was so cute and smelt amazing. There were so many products to choose from and it was just lovely to go and visit.



After a long day of traveling around we got a little hungry so hunted out this place – FIVE GUYS – If you have never been, you need to go! It does the most amazing, out of this world burgers! I went once when I was in America and when I found out there was one in London I made it my mission to find it. We thoroughly enjoyed it, however it is a bit pricey at £8 a burger! 

After exploring what Covent gardens had to offer and enjoying the mouth watering burger… We decided to head over to Oxford street for the TOPSHOP and Nike town. Oxford street is always carnage and a right nightmare so we were there for as little time as possible. Although I did make the mistake of going to the Primark there and well… It didn’t end well! I like to think of myself as a big Primark enthusiast, however on this occasion I found myself scared and panicking that I may loose the other half and be stuck in Oxford street Primark FOREVER! Luckily we managed to make a swift exit and got back to our hotel room to freshen up just in time for… WICKED! 




 Wicked is one of my all time   MY FAVOURITE musical/show of all time! Ever since I went to see it a few years ago with my best friend for my 18th birthday! I am not going to say too much about it as I will be doing a separate post about it very soon! But if you haven’t seen it yet – you are missing out! 


We had such a great time – and you can’t go see a show and not buy some of the merch! 


  We didn’t have time before the show to go grab something to eat, so we thought we would take full advantage of the hotels room service – it was lush! 


We stopped off here on the Friday morning to a little restaurant round the corner from the hotel ‘All bar one’ it’s situated directly opposite the Tower of London, so a very sophisticated view in the morning! They have a massive selection of drink and offer cocktail master classes for £20!  The service was very good, quick and friendly! I had pancakes with fruit and the boyf had granola with fruit and Greek yogurt. My latté came with smarties; how cute! There was also a BOGOF deal on breakfast which made it that much more enjoyable.  




After breakfast we ventured over to The Tower of London and had a little stroll round. I am fascinated by old historic buildings like this! 

… Bit of a change of scenery next… 


 We went over to Camden as I have never been and really wanted to go. We spent pretty much all of our day here on the Friday as there is so much to see! I absolutely love this place and recommend it to a tone planning on visiting London! It’s got such a cool and unique atmosphere, and it’s so colourful and vibrant to look at! You will not get bored here! 


 Camden lock – market is the main attraction area in Camden. It’s. Short walk down the high street from the tube! 


 There is so many weird and whacky things to see in Camden…


 I even went to a tea party with the mad hatter and the hare! – only in Camden! 



I recommend taking plenty of cash if you are a sucker for market stools like me – although there is a cash point there that does not charge, there is a massive queue for it! 


Along side the hundreds and hundreds of market stools, over by the canal is a massive area of food stools – anything you could imagine – so many differs cultures and cuisines!


  Overall I had a fabulous time in Camden, glorious weather, fun atmosphere and so much to do! You have to check it out! 

We ended our journey with a quick (well not so quick) shake shack before getting our bags and heading back home. Just as a quick side note – shake shack isn’t all that and the service was terrible!  


Some beautiful flowers outside the Tower of London ❤️🌻 

I had such a great couple of days! And had such a fun filled week off! 

Thanks a lot! 

Anna x



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