I went to see the new Cinderella film last week and what can I say; it was pretty amazing and was perfectly done. As a huge Disney lover I was worried that re-doing a classic like Cinderella would ruin it. However I was pleasantly surprised and I loved it. 

What would you say it takes to rule a kingdom?

The film starts unlike the original with Ella, her mother and father living a happy life until the sudden death of her mother. Before her mother passes she leaves Ella one life lesson to take her through her whole life and will take us through out the film. “To have courage and be kind” as she points out ‘Ella’ has “more kindness in her little finger than most people possess in their entire body” 

In a short amount of time we see Ella grow up into a beautiful young lady. Her father approaches her for her ‘sign of approval’ to find happiness and have ‘one last shot’ by which he means love. Ella obviously only wanting happiness for her dad encourages him to do what he feels is right. This is when he introduces what will be Ella’s new step mother and step sisters – Lady Tremaine, Anastasia and Drizella. 

Her dad travels a lot for work and shortly after them moving in he has to leave promising everyone extravagant gifts, apart from Ella who simply just wants him to come back.

The classic story is unwinding of how cruel the step mother and the ugly sisters are. They banish her to the Attick, re-name her ‘cinder-ella’ and treat her no better than a servant not a sister! 

It is absolutely heartbreaking when they find out her dad has died  working abroad. It’s like Ella’s whole world has been ruined. Ella is pushed out and made to be a servant in her own home with no one there to protect her. But she remains kind and has courage like her mother said. 

Good things come from the horrid treatment of Cinderella as she rides off into the Forrest in her upset state and bumps into what she will later find out is the prince – a man called kit who she believes is an apprentice. 

They both part and the prince has taken quite a liking to Cinderella. The prince returns to his palace where his father – the king is hoping for his son to find love soon with a fellow royal. The prince explains how he is head over heels for this ‘country girl’ – his father is not best pleased and explains how is supposed to run a kingdom with a country girl?! 

After much persuading the king, the prince orders that hey have a royal ball and that every maiden in he Kingdom attends! To the misfortune of the step mother Cinderella plans to go. 

On the night of the ball you see the ugly sisters dressed in what I can only describe as scrunched up quality street wrapper, looking dresses and then Cinderella appears on the stairs looking as delicate and beautiful as a doll in an old dress that use to be her mothers – out of pure jealousy and rage the step mother wrecks the dress  and forbids her from going to the ball – Cinderella is heart broken as she pleads she doesn’t want to meet the prince – just her friend “kit”.

And as quick as that they are off leaving Cinderella in pieces but round the corner in the garden is an odd looking little creature which turns out to be her fairy god mother – and with a couple of swishes of a wand her mice turn into horses and a goose and a lizard into coachmen, a pumpkin into a caridge. But the dress, THE DRESS is beautiful! She looks like a glistening crystal wearing it. 

Cinderella turns up fashionably late she grabs the first dance with the prince whilst everyone else stares with their draws dropped 

The evening is magical and then before you know it the last stroke of midnight arrives and the iconic slipper seen unfolds. We watch the kingdom get searched high and low until finally hidden away Cinderella is finally found with the other glass slipper. 

The cruel step mother and the ugly step sisters haven’t got away with their torturous  treatment and Cinderella proudly walks hand in hand with the prince with much dignity, as she leaves the household she simply looks at the sobbing step mother and says “I forgive you”

They both return to the palace and rule the kingdom together with courage and kindness

Now if that isn’t karma then I don’t know what is… I thought it was a perfect way to end the film.

I watched this film with a genuine and kind of creepy smile on my face as it was so classic and beautiful just like it should be. Lily James – who played Cinderella – played the role with such elegance and grace, she was perfectly cast for this particular role. I quickly fell in love with the Prince Charming played by Richard madden – he was ever so dreamy and a delight to watch. Helen Bonham Carter plays the fairy godmother and is oh so fabulous, I couldn’t think of anyone better to play the role. She added humour in all the right places! The two ugly sisters; Anastasia and Drizella are played by Holliday Grainger and Sophie McShera, who also bring a lot of comedy and also the evil side to the story, they portray the typical ugly sisters very well. And the evil step mother is played by Cate Blanchette who has taken on this role ever so well and conveys pure evil into the character, really makes us as the audience feel for Cinderella’s character even more. 

The film maybe a typical, old fashioned Disney ending with the prince getting the girl and living happily ever after… However I think there is a deeper message to it. To stay true to yourself, have morals and dignity – “have courage and be kind”  is a lesson we should all follow. 

If you read my Into the woods review post then you will remember that I am in no way, shape or form a “professional writer” I just love to write about things I am passionate about. I loved this film and wanted to share my take on it. (Also the picture is not mine) 

Thanks a lot! 

Anna x 

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