Flake it off

  I suffer really bad with dry skin, especially on my face! Recently I have been going through a real rough patch with dry and flakey patches all over. My skin has been feeling really dehydrated, tired and in desperate need for some skin care loving. By chance I bumped into this range by No7 in Boots. It’s for ‘dry / very dry’ skin types, so perfect for me! It was 3 for 2 so I picked up these three as they sounded the best type of products for my skin and what I was looking for. Here is what I think…

Beautiful skin – cleansing balm (£9.50)

I apply this first thing in the morning by applying the balm all round my face and wiping it off with a cotton pad. I also do the same before bed after taking my makeup off. It makes my skin feel much more refreshed and rejuvenated. I have really been loving this product! 

Beautiful skin – hydration mask (£12.50)

I use this once a week, usually on a pamper evening to give my skin a refreshing and hydrating lift, especially when my skin is feeling so dry like recently. Also this should last a good while as its a decent size and you don’t have to use it as often as the other two products! It’s not like a normal face mask which I thought was weird the first time I used it, it’s much more moisturising and feels very nourishing on the skin.

Beautiful skin – dry rescue (£12)

This is a ‘multi purpose’ balm. I think it works like a moisturiser. It states to rub in to the areas that need to be rehydrated. It definitely injects hydration and more energy into my skin. I use this each morning and evening after I have used the cleanser balm.  I have been raving about this to everyone as I am in love with it! And will definitely be re-purchasing it. 

It’s so nice to have found a range which is quite decently priced, that does the job so perfectly. It definitely has been rehydrating my skin and giving my face more energy! I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a good skin care regime for dry skin that’s reasonably priced. 

Thanks a lot!

Anna x

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