Weekly try’s #1 | Review 

I am going to try and do a post like this at least every couple of weeks where I try out a range of new products and review them all at the end of the week – my first impressions! But here is this weeks ‘try’s’…

1) Revlon photo ready primer – This is by far one of the best primers I have ever used. It’s such s good size, you only have to use a small amount as a little goes a long way. It’s so smooth when applying onto the skin. It’s the perfect base and works well with the Revlon 24hour colour stay foundation. 

2) Revlon 24hour colour stay foundation – I have the shade ‘buff’. You can get it in so many different shades and there is also two variations of the foundation one for normal to dry skin and another for combination and oily skin – a foundation to suit everyone’s requirements! I have really enjoyed using this foundation this week. It’s so lovely to apply and once it has set it gives a really dewy, glowing finish. It is really good coverage too and definitely a long lasting foundation that I wear all day to work and feel confident it’s not fading away. The only thing that kind of ruins this product for me is, there is no pump. Which makes applying it so much more hard work and more time consuming! 

3) L’oreal triple active moisturiser – the hunt has continued to find a product for my dry skin. This moisturiser has definitely helped to rehydrate my skin this week, but I had a facial done at the beginning of the week which has also  helped my dry skin issue and enhanced the clear appearance of my skin! 

4) Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser and polish – I have been meaning to try this for over a year now, and for some reason have only just got round to trying it out! And after only using it for a week I’m asking myself why have I waited all this time to try it – it’s fabulous! It really does make my skin feel clean and helps to wake me up. It has a very fresh scent and feel to it unlike a lot of other cleansers I have used which are more creamy. 

5) Holland & Barrett super green tea diet pills – I have used these before and saw great results. I mixed these with a reduced calorie diet and a little exercise before and slimmed down quickly. I then stopped taking them and the diet went out the window shortly after. I thought I would give them ago again and try and get back into a routine again with a diet. So far it’s going alright – no real progress just yet, but it takes time. However they do lift my energy when taking these. You take one in the morning with breakfast and one after lunch. Due to the caffeine it’s wise not to take it too late in the afternoon or you probably won’t sleep…

6) Makeup revolution amazing volumising mascara – I bought two mascaras from makeup revolution to try out, this being one of them. I am so impressed. For only £2 this mascara has really been lifting my lashes, adding length and volume to them. I haven’t found a cheap drugstore mascara that I have enjoyed this much in ages… So this makes me very happy! 

7) primark nail varnish in red – a random little pick up from my latest primark trip. I have been looking for a classic, post box red colour nail varnish for ages and stumbled across this in primark. I painted my nails on Tuesday using 2 coats of this varnish and it has lasted well until now. I am just starting to see a few nails chipping, so I will need to top up again soon! But for a £1 the colour is perfect and it has lasted an average amount of time too. I am very happy with this product! 
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Thanks a lot! 

Anna x



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