Microdermabrasion facial treatment | Review 

I had an extra day off last week. I treated myself to a lovely, relaxing, chilled out, girly day with one of my girlfriends! We took a trip to a little salon in Southampton called ‘Beauty Enhanced’. I had a microdermabrasion facial treatment. I loved it and will definitely be going back to have it done again. 

The microdermabrasion is not like a normal facial it is a deep exfoliation for your skin using crystals. It’s perfect for removing dry skin/dead skin cells, cleaning pores and for acne scaring. 

The treatment starts with a basic cleanse and massage of the face – which I personally love, I find it so relaxing and calming when someone else does this for me. Then the microdermabrasion part begins. This is simply a tiny hoover-like machine which lays crystals all around your face. This is the exfoliating part. They focus on the areas most needing attention so for me was my nose and forehead as this is where I suffer from my dry skin patches the most. The second part of the treatment is another hoover-like machine which sucks the crystals up and takes any excess skin, dead skin cells and dirt with the crystals. The skin is left feeling tight and clean. Before you are done, you then get another cleanse to remove any left over crystals and a gentle moisturise too. 

When I was finished I felt so much more fresh and awake. My skin felt re-energised and tight. There were no flaky dry patches. It was an immediate confidence boost and I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

I was told by the technician that for what I want it for; to assist with my dry skin issue – to have it every couple of months. For something like acne scaring you would need it more often, maybe once every month.

The Salon itself was lovely, so relaxing and girly. The staff were so friendly and easy to talk to, which I think is very important in these places. And also a wide range of certificates on display which also looks good and places you at ease, knowing you are in professionals hands. 

I would highly recommend anyone needing some extra attention and pampering to have the microdermabrasion facial to give your face a little extra boost for a little treat. It put me in such a good mood, having some me time, pampering and retail therapy… I am definitely planning on going back! 

Go check out Beauty Enhanced’s website Here

Thanks a lot!

Anna x


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