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Yes… I can’t seem to stay away from this shop! I just love it. I thought I would throw together a blog post of a few things I recently picked up…

  These cute, monochrome, checked type print/pattern baggy/flowy bottoms (possibly the worst describing skills right there!) immediately attracted me and for £8 I couldn’t let them run away! I think these could be part of a really classic and chić look with a black floaty top and a fedora hat or even maybe a pop of colour? They are a really light material too, so perfect for summer. I am picturing these dressed up for an evening look with some black peep toe heels or even dressed down with some sandals for a day time look.  

Another one to add to my growing collection. Super affordable cami top at only £4 and they are perfect fit for anyone as they have adjustable straps. Primark has a range of different colours and I think they are so handy to layer with outfits or even on their own! 

    Another bargain… £5 – you can not go wrong. I absolutely love the shape, the colour, the stripes and also they neckline of this cute swing type dress. It’s a really light fabric and so soft and comfy! I can’t wait to wear this on a nice sunny day, maybe to the beach or on holiday. I am looking out for a lovely denim jacket to pair with this, but  I don’t have one in my collection yet! I also vision some gold sandals and accessories pairing with this too! 
 I think every women should have a splash of leopard print somewhere in their wardrobe. I’m not all for head to toe in animal prints. However I have a leopard print pair of pumps , and when I saw this really dainty, thin leopard print scarf I couldn’t resist. It was another bargain at only £2.50 and also has a multi purpose as its a simple scarf or can double up as a head band.  
I LOVE these! They are soooooo cheap at only £3! I live and die in my whit classic converse and with it being summer and all, I thought these cute classic white pumps with embroided flowery design would look perfect! 


I have started collecting Primark sunglasses… I couldn’t resist these rose gold tinted aviator sunglasses! I haven’t got any like this and fell in love with the colour. They were only £2 so very reasonable price I thought… 


 I have even branched out into Primark’s beauty range… Which I did have some reservations but curiosity got the better of me. So far so good, first impressions are all good! And they are all so cheap – which is how I have described the majority of the items on this post but it’s true! 

 Foundation stick – light – £2

  Blusher stick – pink – £1.50

  Eyebrow pencil – light – £1

To summarise… Everything I got was super cheap! And I got this all recently so it should all be in stock. Go and check out Primark’s website Here. Hopefully you enjoy this post. Please like, comment, share and follow. Also don’t forget to find me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook! All my links and contact details can be found on my contact me page! 
Thanks a lot!

Anna x 


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