Weekly try’s #2


Just want to start off with an apology for the late upload! This is my review on the products I tried out last week. I will try and leave all links to products!

⚫️ Nivea daily essentials rich moisturising night and day cream – the blue tub is – The rich  moisturising night cream – and it does exactly what it says on the pot. I have been moaning for months about how dry my skin has got and been searching for the best moisturisers to fix it for ages, I was using an ordinary moisturiser both day and night and nothing was making a difference. After using this for one night, I woke up to my skin feeling so hydrated and refreshed. I immediately saw a difference. The consistency of this moisturiser is very a very thick cream. It’s not sloppy or oily at all which was a nice refreshing change from some other moisturisers I have been using. It doesn’t leave you face feeling sticky either which I loved. The Nivea day essentials express hydration primer day cream – is the white pot and is equally just as amazing! As it says in the name it acts as a primer too so saves a step in the makeup process 1 you can’t really complain! It’s a glopey kind of consistency but it glides onto the face perfectly and leaves a satin smooth feel to your skin. After waking up to already hydrated skin from the night cream this day moisturiser pairs perfectly to give you the second burst of hydration to wake your skin up and moisture the dry areas. I haven’t had a moisturiser like this one before and I honestly believe it has really made a big impact on my skin. I don’t think I will be leaving these 2 out of my skin care routine for a while! I picked them both up together from Superdrug for around £4.99 each. You can find them either here on the super drug website or here on the boots website 

⚫️ The Natural Collection Cover Up Cream – I have been on the hunt for a cheap drugstore brand concealer for a while as I am missing one in my collection. This may shock people especially in the beauty world, I know, but I have never tried the ‘Collection lasting perfection’ concealer before, just because I have never fancied trying it and always had something else on the go. However recently I have desperately wanted to know what all the hype is about because I don’t know one person that doesn’t love that concealer! I have been stalking my local boots and superdrug stores for a couple of weeks and when ever I go in to either of them it’s always sold out in my shade! So in the end I gave up and thought I would try another cheap alternative… Which was this one. I would probably say it was a bad move. Not so much a waste of money because it was only £1.99 but the quality reflected the price and I did not get along brilliantly with this at all. It does have high coverage, but for me it was way to thick and even though I picked up the lightest shade I found it to be extremely dark for my skin tone. It just didn’t do everything for me that I want in a concealer. I will probably keep it for an emergency if I ever need it I wouldn’t turn it down but I wouldn’t reach for it on a daily basis! If you are interested in giving it a go you can find it here… You may get on with it better than I did! I would say it is a could starting point if you are just exploring make up but there are definitely better ones out there!

⚫️ Maybeline lash sensational mascara (waterproof) – a friend of mine had this  when it first came out and I loved the look of it. I have been looking out for s good waterproof mascara too as I haven’t got one in my collection. I picked this up in Superdrug when they had the 2 for £10 offer on Maybeline products. I thought that it would be a perfect time for me to try out the product and get something else too! I love the curved wand on this it’s kind of similar to benefits roller lash in that respect however I cannot say it is as good as I am a massive fan of the benefits roller lash! It does give my lashes a lovely curl and volume however the curl doesn’t last all day like the roller lash. I would say it is a really good drugstore mascara it retails at £7.99 so it’s really affordable and as its waterproof I think it’s a really good mascara to have in your summer makeup collection! I would recommend giving it a go especially if you liked benefits roller lash and are looking for something on the cheaper side! You can find it here on the superdrug website and anywhere else that sells Maybeline make up…

⚫️ Maybeline Brow Drama (medium brown) – I am definitely not a pro on eyebrows and it is one of my least favourite things about makeup. I find doing my brows more of a chore than anything! I normally use little eyebrow duo sets with the gel and shadow to fill them in, occasionally I use a brow pencil but I recently picked up the brow drama – which I know has been around for a little while now and many people have already used it and raved about it however I honestly didn’t think I would like it as much as I did! I think the name is a bit deceiving as it insinuated big dramatic brows which I think is quite intimidating in a product especially if you are not quite confident doing your so’s (like me) however it couldn’t be further from that. It is the least fuss easiest brow product I have used ever! It’s a small mascara like wand with a brown product on which you just brush through your brows, it gives them a tint of colour and also you shape them with the brush. The product is a gel which will hold the brows in place too! I think this is perfect for people who aren’t too sure what they are doing with brows yet and want to explore different products. I use it on its own for a casual look it if I am going out and I want to make more of an effort I use this and then maybe a brown shadow to fill in any extra areas to give a fuller look! It retails at around £4.99 you can find it here on the superdrug website or in any other drug stores that sell Maybeline products.

⚫️ Maybeline colour drama velvet lip crayon (shade – keep it classy) – I picked this up along with the lash sensational mascara in the 2 for £10 offer in Superdrug. I picked it up on a whim and I really like it. It does live up to the name and leaves your lips with a beautiful velvet layer of colour. This shade has a real sassy tone to it. I wear this if I want a bold colour on the lips or for an evening out look. I also was very impressed with the lasting power of the crayon and how it didn’t dry out my lips like other similar products. You can find it here on the Superdrug website along with plenty of other beautiful shades which I am looking forward to trying out! 

⚫️ Beauty Formulas apricot facial scrub – another random purchase and I am really impressed with this scrub! I have used this a couple of times – not everyday – just when my skin has felt dry and fatigue, to give it a little boost and refresh. It really opens up your pores and leaves a fresh feeling. It smells incredible and fruity! The only down side is that It is quite rough on the skin but I feel like sometimes my skin needs that intense scrub… I picked this up for only £1 in savers… Absolute bargain! Savers is so good for picking up products cheaper, however they don’t have a website so click here for the beauty formulas website where you can find it however it is a little more expensive but still affordable.

As this is actually up a week late I have been trialling these products out for 2 weeks and some of them are becoming some of my daily favourites! I hope you found my first impressions helpful! Follow me on Twitter and Instagram for updates ❤️ 

Thanks a lot! 

Anna x

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