Holiday Preparation

  So I finally booked my holiday, very spontaneously last night for Tuesday! That means I haven’t got long to prepare everything. However I thought I would squeeze in a little post to show you guys what I do to prepare for  a holiday…

Firstly I like to write a few lists – I am definitely a list kind of person and I feel that it just makes everything easier and less stressful if there is a list around! I make a list of things I need to do, a list of things to pack in my suitcase and a separate list of things to pack in my hand luggage, I also then write a list of anything I need to get last minute that I haven’t got already. (Some people may think that’s a bit OTT but I think 4 lists are totally necessary.

After organising myself by writing the lists I should have a clear idea now of what I need to do for the holiday. There are usually a few things that I am missing and that I need to get before the holiday, and of course I will need to get my money exchanged  over to Euros (or whatever the currency is for your holiday). So the next step is of course to go shopping. This year I have been quite organised and already bought my holiday wardrobe earlier as I knew I would be going on holiday so I just planned ahead. But I am not always like that and I could be right now manically going around Primark trying to pick up some left over summer scraps – which is what I have had to do before, I’m not judging anyone don’t worry! But this year I have pretty much got my outfits and bikinis sorted. However there are a few last minute bits I would like to pick up, and also some toiletries that I will need for my trip. I will use my list of ‘things i need to get’ and go and get them and check it off the list which is one less thing to worry about.

After getting any last minute things, the next step is PACKING. I don’t want to leave this until I’m nearly out the door, I like to get it out of the way ASAP. Packing can be stressful, especially for us girls i think! But the list helps us to pack in a more organised way, with a clear understanding of what we are wanting to take. And hopefully will prevent anything from being forgotten. I do try and pack realistic nowadays, I remember my first holiday abroad on my own I over-packed so much and didn’t see over half my clothes. so now I plan an outfit for each day and night, with maybe 1 or 2 extra options, quite a few bikinis as that’s what I will be spending most of my time in, a TOWEL is a must and I did forget my beach towel last year… i wasn’t too happy about using the tiny little white hotel towels for the majority of the holiday. I also get a cute new pair of pajamas each year for my holiday so they need to go in, and I take a reasonable amount of shoes for the different occasions… Of course the makeup and toiletries have to go in now, which I make sure are are packed in safely trying to avoid any spillages at any costs, a carrier-bag and elastic bands may come in handy?! Probably one of the most important thing to pack – a good sun-cream, I will be taking a factor 50 as I am so fair skinned, and of course after-sun too! Another thing which is vital to pack is a plug adapter, I need a European one, if you are going outside of Europe you will need a different one (always check) That is pretty much everything I pack in my main suitcase. The hand luggage bag will need to be a over-sized bag for me, to bring back anything I buy in duty free! In my hand luggage I will take the necessities, my phone, charger, magazine, booking confirmation, purse, passport, sunglasses and some head phones! I wont need a lot as I will be with my best friend so we can entertain each other!

Finally after packing everything, I do go through the case and my hand-luggage and double check I have got everything against my lists. And then it is time to PAMPER! I like to do the girly pamper stuff last as then everything is done and you can get into holiday mode and relax… For my pampering I will go all out, with a full on home facial, treat my little feet to a pampering, exfoliate and put a little moisturiser with a gradual tan on my body, to give me a little glow (and so I don’t turn up looking like a ghost) I will potentially be dying my hair, or I will treat myself to a deep conditioning mask and of course I will be doing my nails. Sometimes I get them done in a salon or a few of my friends do Shellac. But I haven’t really got time for anything like that before my holiday, so I am happy to just paint them myself!



That is everything I will need to do to prepare for my holiday! hopefully this will help you if you are planning on going on holiday soon, or if you have one booked?! Comment and let me know if you do any of this when you prepare for your holiday? maybe the 4 lists are OTT? let me know. And make sure you like and follow… all my social media links are in the contact me page, come and say hello 🙂

Keep your eyes peeled for my holiday post when I come back, I will be sharing my trip with you all here!

(The first photo is not mine I got it off goole images, all the other photos are my own)

Thanks A lot!

Anna x

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