Weekly try’s #3

Here is my 3rd weekly try’s review! And I can honestly say it’s been a good week I have really been impressed with all of these products!

  • No7 shimmer palette (caramel) – This new shimmer palette caught my eye a couple of weeks ago when I popped into Boots on my lunch break and I resisted the temptation, however it all got too much and I went back for it the next day as I simply just had to have it! They had a offer on by one get the 2nd product half price which I why I picked the loose powder up too! Anyways onto the product its self… It really is a ‘shimmer palette’ the colours are gorgeous and shimmer runs through the whole product, I use this to bronze my face a little but it also has highlighting properties to and there a a gorgeous shimmery pink at the top which if brushed lightly would be a beautiful blush! It’s a perfect summery shimmery product and I can’t wait to take it on holiday with me! I love the golden packaging it’s so simple and classy. Alternatively you can get the palette in another shade ‘Rose’ which is a more pinky toned palette, I went for the more bronzy looking palette as I thought it would be perfect for the summer, and I don’t have anything like it, but the rose palette is just as gorgeous! It is £13 but Boots are doing a by one get one half price at the moment (not too sure how long for thought) Here is the link if you love it as much as I do!
  • No7 Loose powder (light) – I have been on the hunt for a loose powder for a while as pressed powders do dry out my skin even more, especially the mattifying kind. So I wanted a loosed powder I can just brush on lightly to set my makeup. After finding the shimmer palette in boots on the by one get one half price offer i thought I would give their loose powder a try! I did initially want it in translucent but they were sold out of that so I picked it up in the shade light, which actually works really well with my foundation. I didn’t really have any expectations for it as I haven’t used a loose powder in forever! I was really impressed with it, obviously I cant really compare it to anything because I never really use loose powders but compared to my Maybeline matte maker pressed powder, it makes my make up look so much better and doesn’t clog up my skin, which is the main thing for me. Again the packaging is really simple and cute, it comes with a little powder puff, which I don’t use but it looks pretty sitting on top of the compact, and it keeps it all clean too, stopping any spillages and powder explosions. It retails at £10.50 and you can find it here on the boots website!
  • Dr Irena Eris Enzyme Peeling – I found this little gem in TKMAX – which on a side note I have been LOVING recently! and picked up some amazing makeup/beauty finds! – Anyways back to the product… and I am sorry to mention it again but #dryskinproblems I am still forever on the hunt to find products which can cure or help my dry skin ish! After reading the back of the box I felt like it was essential to buy this, for anyone who suffers like I do then I would highly recommend this product! It is for dry and sensitive skin types. I knew I was going to get on well with it as soon as I picked it up. Its a gel like formula which you apply to your face and neck after cleansing, I have been using it after I have a bath. It recommends to use it 1 – 2 times a week but if needed you can use it more. I have used it twice and it really does freshen up the skin and sorts out all your dry areas! You apply the gel like a face mask and leave it for 5 – 10 minutes depending on the intensity desired. and then you wipe it off with a hot cloth or some cotton pads. The only down side to the product, which I found a bit odd as it states its for sensitive skin, is that I did feel like it was burning my skin a little tiny bit when I first put the gel onto my skin. Which is really irritating, however this didn’t last long and it didn’t stop me from wanting to use the product. I cant remember the price unfortunately but as I bought it in TKMAX it would have been at a discounted price. I did however  find  the Dr Irena Eris website online Here if you are interested.
  • Collection lasting perfection concealer (fair 1) – Now I am not going to spout on too much about this as everybody in the whole world has raved about this. I just wanted to put this in to this weeks try’s as I have been very stubborn in not wanting to try this concealer out, however curiosity got the better of me and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about! People have asked me why am I only just jumping on the band wagon, and the answer simply is, I have been happy with my trusty concealers that I have been using over the last few years and I like picking up new ones when they first come out in a make up range. Also I have just never really been too fussed about the collection makeup range. And a little while ago I needed a new drugstore concealer and so I went into super drug and thought I would pick up the lightest shade, and it was sold out, the same happened in boots and this happened every time I went into the shops until very recently so I snapped it up as soon as I saw it in stock again! I do like the concealer and it works as a brilliant highlighter/brightener for under the eyes. I wouldn’t say it is the best concealer I have every used and for £4.19 you can get better concealers for just a little bit more. I also hate how the ink from the packaging rubs off straight away leaving black all over your hands! Overall I do like the collection lasting perfection concealer, its good value for money and a overall good product, however I could live without it and still have my favorite concealers over this one! You can find the collection lasting perfection here on the boots website or here on the super drug website!
  • John Frieda Frizz Ease Original 6 effects serum – I don’t usually like the John Frieda Frizz Ease products, but this was in Superdrugs sale area, I think its products that they are discontinuing,  it was only 40p! It is only a small 25ml bottle, but none the less this would have been at least £5 normally. I thought I would give it a try as my hair is prone to frizzing in the humid weather! I put a little blob on my hands after washing my hair and then using both hands I just ran it through my hair from the middle to the bottom, trying not to get it too close to my root as I don’t want greasy hair and I do find products like this tend to make your hair greasy. I enjoyed using the product, although I wouldn’t hurry to buy more, but it did tame the frizz and left my hair quite soft. If you are a fan of serums to tame frizz you may like the John Frieda Range, there are loads of different frizz ease products, however I am not a massive fan! and as this was discontinuing sale I can’t link the product. But here is a link to the Superdrug John Frieda range.
  • Rimmel Wake Me Up mascara – The packaging intrigued me and the shape of the brush looked really good so I thought I would just throw it in my basket. The amazing part was when I got it home and opened it… OH MY GOODNESS… it smells heavenly. Honestly the best smelling mascara I have ever had! Now the the scent is not something that I look out for when i’m looking for a new mascara, however the cucumber extract in the mascara is incredible. It honestly does wake you up with the fresh smelling product. The actual wand itself is brilliant too, it is an hourglass shape and just volumises my lashes so well, it gives a decent curve to the lashes too. I will definitely be re-purchasing this once I have finished it! Such a good mascara, and I would put this up there with Benefits roller lash…  which I love too! If you are looking for a new mascara and want a good drugstore option then I highly recommend this! I have had it for a couple of weeks now and it still has the strong cucumber scent! It retails between £5.99- £7.99 you can find it here on the Boots website or here on the Superdrug website.

I hope you have enjoyed the 3rd weekly try’s post! I have to apologise again for it being up slightly later than planned! I am awful at being on time for positing blog posts! But hopefully you can all forgive me! Let me know if you have tried out any of these products and let me know what you thought about them!

Thanks A lot!

Anna x

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