My holiday makeup 


Not long until my holiday now if you didn’t know already! I thought I would share with you guys my Holiday Makeup Bag and what products I’m taking with me…   

I am using one of my Ted Baker makeup bags as its a decent size for all my makeup for the week and I am in love with the print on the bag! 


For my base products I have a few as they are all different and I couldn’t decide between them! 

  • Too faced BB cream – this is my first ever two faced product and I have been saving it for my holiday. I am so excited to use it! It’s a BB cream but it’s a cream to powder formula which is a bit different but I think it’s going to be perfect light coverage for my holiday! 
  • Bourjois Paris Healthy Mix Serum Foundation – I love this foundation it’s one of my favourite drugstore foundations to use over the summer! It’s such a light weight formula and gives a really fresh dewy skin look! I thought this would be good the first day or two…
  • Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish MIneral Tinted Moisturiser – I have had this a while now, I picked it up when I went to America. It’s a lightweight tinted moisturiser which gives your skin a healthy glow and lovely tint. I thought this would be good towards the end of the holiday! 

I couldn’t choose between these 2 bronzers…

  • Bourjois Paris Maxi Delight Bronzer – this is a really lovely shimmery bronzer. The colour complements my skin tone lovely and I think in the evening on holiday will give me an extra little glow.
  • St.Tropez – This bronzer is more of s terracotta colour and will be lovely once I have a tanned a little! It’s also one of my newer bronzers so I want to try it out! 

I just love how pretty these 2 are! I have picked out my;

  • No7 Shimmer Palette – I will use this as a bronzer/highlighter it’s so beautiful and shimmery and I think this will be perfect for my holiday! 
  • MUA mosaic blusher in English Rose – I struggled to pick out of my blushes… I chose this one as the ‘mosaic’ has a few different colours all in one product which blends really well and also saves room.

For my eyes…

  • Maybeline Lash Sensational Waterproof Mascara – I wanted a waterproof mascara as I will be by the water for the majority of my holiday so I thought that would be appropriate! And as this is my only waterproof mascara that is why I gave chosen this one! And I have really been enjoying using it this week too! 
  • Maybeline Brow Drama – obviously am going to need to do my brows. As this is the quickest no fuss brow product I have it was a no brainer! 


  • Makeup Revolution palette – I have chosen this palette as it has so many different shades it’s so versatile! The colours haven’t come out very well in the photo but there is a love,y range of colours and styles!
  • Stila eye crayon – I am in love with this eye crayon and think this golden shimmery shade will be perfect I. Holiday just on its own for a quick and easy golden glow or will look lovely as a base, blended with some other shades! 

I have picked these 2 lip shades but I am thinking of taking a few more… I haven’t fully committed yet! 

  • MAC St Germain – I just love the vibrant pink shade! I can’t wait to wear this on holiday in the gorgeous sunshine! It will just add a bit of court to an outfit and I love how it complements my blue eyes! 
  • Elizabeth Arden – this gorgeous coral/orange lipstick is perfect for the sunshine and such a bright colour! Definitely not an all year round kind of colour and I haven’t worn this lipstick much so it will be nice to treat myself on holiday! 

This is the range of brushes I have selected! I don’t think I have gone to over board… I have a few Real Techniques , a couple Zoeva brushes and a couple random brushes! Just basic face/foundation brushes, powder brushes and eye brushes! 

I just want to add I am not planning on caking the makeup on throughout my holiday! It’s actually one of my favourite parts about going on holiday abroad, giving my skin a break! But in the evenings I will have a play around with some looks and get dressed up! 

Hope you enjoyed having a sneak peak into my holiday makeup bag, let me know what you think! 
Thanks a lot!

Anna x 


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