Autumnal Makeup | The Berry Lip 

I can hardly contain my excitement for Autumn much longer. I think it’s safe to say summer has officially ended and as much as I enjoy the sunshine and all that summer has to offer, I am definitely much more of an autumn and winter kind of girl. I enjoy everything about autumn/winter from the layering up, the fashion, the makeup and the darker nights. I just love it all. 

One thing in particular I love about autumn is the autumnal makeup and the berry lipid possibly my favourite over all! I am not really a nude lip girl… I have a very light complexion and I think the the berry tones suit me a lot better. 

I have gone through my collection and picked out some of my favourite berry lip, lip products. Some are new additions and some are old (not too old don’t worry!) 

The first lip stick I love for an autumnal berry lip look is one of my all time favourites from Sephora. ‘Sephora Rouge’ I bought this last year in the Sephora in Paris. I was on a hunt for a dark purple berry tone lipstick and I fell head over heels for this lipstick the minute it fell into my hands. 

I bought this at the end of last year because I just loved the colour and wanted to try something from the collection. This is a lovely berry toned lip pencil, and a great alternative to a lipstick. This is an intense velvet lip pencil crayon from the colour drama range from maybelline in the shade ‘210 keep it classy’. It’s is really rich, strongly pigmented, beautiful berry colour. You can find it here

My third choice – and these are not in any particular order as this is my newest addition to my lipstick collection and definitely one of my new favourites! It is the Charlotte tilbury matte revolution matte lipsticks in the shade ‘love Liberty’. I have put off buying something from Charlotte tilbury for so long now as I do think it’s expensive and I find it hard to justify spending that much on makeup. But I think it’s good to treat yourself sometimes and I have been lusting over one of her lipsticks for so long. It wasn’t as expensive as I thought to be honest and after using it a few times now since purchasing I have fell completely and utterly in love with this lipstick – it is possible honestly! It last pretty much all day without having to re-apply and it give a beautiful matte finish. I do find it a little drying but as long as you prep your lips before hand with a good hydrating lip balm, you will be fine! 

The last product I am going to share for my berry lip post is the ‘exaggerate full colour lip liner‘ by Rimmel London in the shade ‘022 rapture’. This is the perfect lip liner, and start to your berry lip. It fits perfectly with most berry lipsticks I have in my collection and create such a great base for my berry lip. It’s really affordable too which makes it more appealing to me. 

I absolutely love the berry lip! What’s your favourite autumnal makeup look? 

Anna x


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