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Finally I have put this post together! I have been using all these products for the last couple of weeks and been dying to tell you guys about them. I went on a little Kiko splurge on my bloggers day trip to London which you can read all about here! I picked up some gorgeous pieces including a lip duo from the new Intensley lavish range. 

I will start with the perfecting bronzer. This is an item from the new range and let me just share my excitement for the beautiful packaging! I think this was around £12 (I have lost my receipt) I haven’t had the chance to use this yet but I am super excited to give it a try…

It’s in a gorgeous rose gold compact with a handy mirror. What I love is it’s a bronzer with a little pink blush colour in the middle – giving multi use all in the one price! I’m excited to use it however I don’t want to ruin the pretty design! It’s almost too cute to use. 

 Some more from the new range, it’s the intensely lavish lip duo in the shade 01. 
This  colour reminds me of my favourite matte Mac lipstick ‘Mehr’ however it’s a creamy texture on the lips which I don’t usually go for however I have been reaching for this a lot for my everyday work makeup look. It’s a lovely purpley/pinky toned nude. 
 I picked up the matching lip liner which is the perfect shade and goes with a lot of my pink nude shades. I have loved the pair together! They were both around £5/£6.

The next thing I picked up which I actually swapped for something else I had  already picked up is this velvet mat lipstick in the shade 602 – which is a beautiful neutral shade. Perfect for the days when you don’t want anything to in your face or if your going with a bold eye makeup look and want something more simple on the lips. 
  It has a very interesting packaging, you press down on the lid and the lipstick comes out the bottom. 
The pictures isn’t showing the completely accurate colour unfortunately. It’s not as dark as the camera makes out. It comes out a lot lighter on the lips. Even though both the lipsticks I picked out are kind of nudey shades I am not the biggest lover of the nude lip. I much prefer bold lips but I thought I needed some in my collection for th autumn and these two definitely caught my eyes. I love the packaging on both. The rose gold packaging is so on trend and makes it look a lot higher quailty for the price. This was around £5-£6.
Next up were these little beauties that I picked up in the sale. Of course with the autumn and winter just round the corner I am needing a new  red nail polish so when I saw Kiko having a sale I chucked these two in my basket straightaway. I was imideiatley drawn to the blue because the colour is so bright and beautiful. I love the bright bold colours sometimes to just give a pop of colour to my dull pale skin! I think these were around £2 in the sale.

Kiko were offering a free eye liner if you spend a certain amount so I received this beautiful deep purple eye liner. I’m not too sure if I will get much use from this but it was free so I’m not too bothered! 

I love Kiko and I have seen a few new shops opening up all over the place at the moment so I am glad it’s spreading as it is a brand I love and wish was bigger than it is as it is AMAZING! It is a cheaper option to the high end brands but the quality of the products are just as good you wouldn’t know the difference.

You can find all the products and have a look at all the other ranges Kiko has to offer on their website here

As there aren’t many Kiko stores locally near me, I either grab a whole load of bits when I go to London or bulk buy online and Recently I have discovered the Kiko app – go check it out if you haven’t seen it already!  

Have you tried any products from Kiko? What are your favourites?
Anna x

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