Lush haul 

Lush haul 

I went to Lush…

 Who doesn’t love a good lush haul?! I thought I would treat you all this Sunday with a little peak at what I picked up in Lush recently!   
First up the flamingo I have been lusting after for ages! I finally got one. This is a bubble bar effectively… It’s just on a stick, which I think is a much better idea! You swirl him round in your bath a few times for loads of pink bubbles. I think I’m going to try him out tonight. (£5.65)


…you shall go to the bath! I mainly wanted this bath bomb for the name however after smelling it I fell in love and I’m excited to use it! It’s filled with popping candy like things inside which will pop in the bath! It’s a fruity, sweet smell. (£2.65)

Candy mountain – bubble bar (£2.95) I love everything about this… The colour, the name and the smell is all as good as it looks! It literally smells like sweet heaven. It reminds me a little bit of the marshmallow bath bomb. I cannot wait to use this! 
Shoot for the stars – bath bomb (£3.65) this looks beautiful and one of those bath bombs that you want for a relaxing night in. After talking to the lovely lush lady it sounds like it will be similar to the twighlight bath bomb! I can’t wait to watch this one explode in my bath!

I loved all of the Halloween products but completely forgot to put them in my basket but somehow in all the excitement I managed to pick up a Christmas one…


Stardust – bath bomb (£2.95) I love this Christmas star it’s so pretty and christmassy and smells LUSH! I don’t think it’s too Christmassy though and think I can get away with using it sooner! I did restrain from buying any others… 

I will definitely be going back in soon so I can get my hands on a Halloween treat! 


Have you been in to Lush recently? What’s your favourite one out of the products I picked up? Any suggestions for next time?! 
Anna x


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