The Breakfast Club | Review

The Breakfast Club | Review

A few weeks ago I visited Brighton for a weekend away to celebrate a friends birthday. Before leaving we stopped at The Breakfast Club for a spot of brunch. 

I had heard of it before and always wanted to try it but just never got round to popping in so when we were on the hunt for a place to go I was delighted when we found it! 

  We were quickly seated in a really cool, retro themed restaurant! It was everything that I imagined it to be like and I loved it! So up my street, playing songs from the movies and a fun atmosphere.
  The menu is just like any other breakfast/brunch kind of restaurant… Offering pancakes, full English, avocado on toast and much more! It’s reasonably priced on average with most places and you definitely get your money’s worth.
I obviously went with my usual…   

A latté and pancakes with maple syrup and bacon. Maybe I should rename these posts ‘pancakes review’! If you haven’t checked out my review of Josie’s you can check it out here!

  I am a massive pancake lover and these did the job nicely for me. It was around £10 for my breakfast but you get a massive stack of American style pancakes which I couldn’t even finish as there is so much there and they are very sickly, but equally delicious! The latté was just what I needed after a night of partying in Brighton and there’s not nun else I can say about a latté really!

The only down sides for me was the bacon… Me being fussy the bacon was quite fatty which I’m not a massive fan of!

It’s located in the middle of the lanes. Next time you’re in Brighton make sure you pop in! I had such a fun experience and loved the food. All my friends food looked scrumptious too although I forgot to get some pictures of theirs! 


Have you been to the breakfast club before? Where’s your favourite place to go for brunch?
Anna x




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