What’s in my bag | Steve Madden 

I realised the other day I have never done a “what’s in my bag” post! After purchasing a new bag from the Tkmaxx and Homesense event I attended recently – check my post out here! – I thought what better time to share what’s in my bag with all you nosey people…
  Firstly let’s talk about the bag! It’s a Steve Madden  black side bag with a long strap and a handle. It’s a faux leather material with gold detailing and the front of the bag is black ‘hair’ like material. There is the main pouch, a smaller pouch in front both with a zip and a little pouch on the back of the bag with a popper. I absolutely fell in love with this the minute I saw it in the bag section! Obviously with Tkmaxx when you see something you have to grab it there and then as its usually one offs. All the girls were jealous when I found this and it was the only one they had!  

Now let’s take a look inside… It’s quite spacious, I have been using it for work the last couple of days and it fits all my essentials in with plenty of room.

First thing I have in my bag is my trusty pink organiser! I picked this up at the start of this year as I thought it would make life easier, especially with blogging. To organise blog posts and events and everything really! I got this from Amazon, I think it was roughly £10-£15. Obviously I also have the necessary princess crown pen to write everything down with!  
Next thing in my bag is my Dune brown leather purse. I bought this also in Tkmaxx quite a while ago now, I have the matching bag for this purse too! I do love this purse as its such a good size and fits everything I need in it. However I would like to find a black purse to go with my black bag now… Maybe another trip to Tkmaxx is in order!   

I always carry this cute little black cosmetic bag thing around with me. It’s basically my “random crap” bag. It’s holding my headphones, a lip butter, hand moisturiser and anti bac, some hair bands, a mirror, a little perfume roll on and my MAC lipstick which I live and die in (mehr). I like having a little bag to shove all this stuff in as it keeps my hand bag more organised! And also won’t ruin the bag. I picked this little bag from home bargains I think it was £3. 
  Next thing is my baby… My iPhone 6+. I have the gold one and I opted for the bigger iPhone because I loved this size, it’s so much bigger than anything I have had before. It’s so handy for blogging on the go and takes amazing pictures. I love it! 
  Now into the front pouch of the bag. Again it’s pretty roomie. But as its a new bag I haven’t overloaded it with crap yet! It’s just holding my glasses and another lipstick. I know your probably thinking I already have a lipstick… But you can never have too many is my motto and I have been absolutely loving this Charlotte tilbury berry lip (Love liberty). 
And that is everything in my bag. As I said earlier,  it is still very new so I haven’t overloaded it yet. I’m not always this organised with my bags.

 Is there anything I am missing that you think I need in my bag? What do you think about the bag? 
Anna x

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