Affordable winter foundations

I for one love a good full coverage foundation during the winter months and I’m sure I’m not alone. I suffer from really dry skin and it’s hightened in the colder months. I look for a hydrating, good coverage and lasting power when I invest in a foundation.

You don’t have to always splash out on high-end brands to get a good makeup base… I have found 2 from the drugstore that work well for me and they are both so affordable. 

Rimmel was a brand I started buying when I first ever started wearing makeup. It’s not a brand I get really excited about these days but none the less they do have a few gems and if you are after some makeup essentials you could find them at a fraction of the price of some high end alternatives…

Such as these 2 foundations, they  both offer a great base for your makeup but both totally different!

   The lasting finish 25 hour hold foundation. This has a serum built into the product. It’s a really hydrating formula and very high coverage. I never need a lot of this when I apply my foundation, which means this bottle lasts me ages. As for staying power, I wear this to work every day and it lasts me all through the day and I can go out after work and feel confident I look alright still, I may touch up a little with some concealer, but not completely re-do my makeup! I also love the texture/finish of this foundation, it leaves my face feeling hydrated and my skin looks glowy and dewy which is perfect for the winter!

The match perfection foundation is similar in the formula is very hydrating and leaves my skin dewy and glowing. However this foundation is a lot more lighter on the skin, a medium coverage, but is definitely buildable and with a bit of concealer your sorted! The shades of the foundation are different too. The lightest shade for the match perfection is a lot paler than the lightest shade for the lasting finish, there is a wider range of shades to enable you to find your perfect match.

I love both of these foundations, even though they differ, they both offer exactly what I want in my makeup base.

I took a before and after photo with each foundation to compare; from left to right my before photo with nothing on, the lasting finish foundation and on the right is the perfect match foundation.

Have you tried either of these foundations? What’s your favourite drugstore foundation/base?

Anna X

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