Top 10 Festive Films…

Christmas is the best time of year to get cosy and watch films until your heart is content. It’s something about the dark nights, cold weather and festive spirit that I feel I need to come in from work and watch ‘Elf’ for the whole month with a gingerbread latté. I thought I would breakdown my top 10 films that I love watching over the festive period…

1) Arthur Christmas – One of my favorites ever since I saw it in the cinema back in 2011! It makes me laugh, with a very funny and clever story. Its everything you want in a cartoon Christmas film!

2) Elf – This is everyone’s favourite isn’t it? It wouldn’t be Christmas without watching elf at least once.

3) Muppet’s Christmas Carol – One of my childhood favourites. I love the Muppets… This never fails to get me in the Christmas spirit each year. I love the comparison with a Muppets twist on the classic Dickens’ Christmas Carol with some brilliant songs!

4) The Santa Clause – This one cracks me up! A real Christmassy comedy! One I love to watch near the lead up to Christmas!

5) Love actually – Some people argue this isn’t a Christmas film, and its not a typical farther Christmas story but its set at Christmas time and its a film I absolutely LOVE! I watch this every year without fail! one of my all time favourites!

6) Home alone – A real classic… who doesn’t love this film at Christmas?! I love a funny festive film at this time of the year…

7) The Grinch – I am a massive fan of Dr Seuss and this is a perfect film at Christmas… takes me back to my inner child!

8) The snowman – This is probably the most classic as they come for me. I remember this film being around from the first Christmases that I can remember and I was always singing along to the song… ‘Im walking in the air…’ You cant say you aren’t singing along to that now too! 

9) The polar express – Such a classic story! Love watching this with my brothers at Christmas. I do love the childish films…

10) The holiday – I am going to be honest I couldn’t really think of any more Christmas films that I LOVE and wanted to include in my top 10… but I do really like this film and I love Cameron Diaz so I thought I would add it in! And who doesn’t love a good ol’ Rom-Com to get you in the festive spirit!

For me Christmas is a time for being a big kid and these films definitely reflect that! 

What are your favourite festive films, are there any I’m missing?
Anna X 


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