My Favourite Festive Nails 

If you saw my day 3 blogmas post you will know how much I love a red lip over the festive season… Similarly I love to wear a classic red polish on my nails or sometimes  a shimmery glitter shade. I have picked out a handful of my favourite nail polishes to wear over the Christmas period, there are 3 red polishes and 3 glittery polishes…

First up is my Revlon Colourstay nail polish in the shade 080 Delicious. This is such a fun, bright colour! I think this is a perfect red for all year round but I love a good red at Christmas time and this is my favourite sort of red.


Next up is a new addition to my red collection. The kiko nail lacquer in the shade ‘240’. There is no name which is sad… But it’s a really lovely deep red! This a really lovely winter nail polish and I feel like it’s a perfect festive shade. This actually last really well without chipping too!  
 This is possibly one of my favourite shades for Christmas time! It’s the shade ‘jump in my jumpsuit’ from Essie. Essie are definitely one of my favourite nail polish brands… I love the names of the polishes and they go on so nicely. It has a great lasting power and easily touches up, so the perfect polish for the whole of December! 
Continuing with Essie polishes… Onto my glittery collection, is the Essie polish in the shade jiggle hi jiggle low’ this is such a festive shimmery colour and unlike other glittery nail polishes this has a really nice coverage, if you wear glittery nail polishes you will understand what I mean and it’s so frustrating when you paint your nails and all the glitter separates and you have to apply loads of coats to make it look good. With this you don’t have that problem two coats and it looks amazing! 

 Similarly this glittery shade from Ciaté in the shade couture noir covers the nail really nicely and is a really good polish for the party season. And one I reach for near NYE.

I received this earlier on in the year in one of my birch boxes and I have been saving it for this time of the year. I am not a massive fan of proper glittery nail polishes I do prefer a normal red colour or a shimmery shade like the jiggle hi jiggle low Essie polish. However this for me does look like Christmas in a nail varnish! Even the bottle does wit the velvet lid! It’s a really classic red glitter polish and I will definitely be wearing this over Christmas even if it’s just a feature nail.


Above is me wearing the Essie ‘jump in my jumpsuit’ such a classic winter/festive nail colour. 

What’s your favourite colour for the festive period? Any polishes I should try? 
Anna X 


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