Favourite Festive Scents 

Along with a festive red lip and nail polish I have a few scents that I love to use at this time of the year too… For different reasons but mainly because I got them round this time of the year so they do make me feel festive when I smell them! 

They all would make perfect gifts for Christmas too…   
Rihanna- Rogue

I received this a a gift for my birthday one year (which is in January) so the smell to me is a winter scent. It’s a bit more sophisticated and smoky as aposed to the girly floral smells I would go for in the summer!

Thierry Mugler  – Angel 

I got this last Christmas so for me this is my Christmas scent! It’s another sophisticated scent and if you have smelt any of the perfumes by Thierry mulgar than you will know what I mean when I say they are slightly unusual and for a acquired taste… Not everyone I know loves this smell but it’s a really unique wintery vanilla based scent. And the bottle looks amazing on your dressing table…

Thierry Mugler – alien 

As you can see I am a fan of the Mugler… This is possibly my favourite perfume of all time! And it’s one I wear all year through but especially my favourite in the winter. If you have not smelt this before I urge you to go and smell it! It is a bit on the pricey side but it’s worth it! 

Vera Wang – Lovestruck

This next one my mum got for her birthday recently and ever since I have fallen in love! It’s a floral scent but not too sweet and there’s something a little bit edgy to it. It’s definitely a perfume I would wear all year round too! And the bottle is beautiful! 

Paco Rabanne – Olympea 

As soon as this perfume came out I fell in love! I had a few sample size bottles of it but I am definitely hoping to get some soon as it is my new favourite thing. The smell is incredible and the bottle is rose gold… 

Chanel – Chance 

Last but not least… An absolute classic and what better way to treat yourself  at Christmas… This is my favourite Chanel scent as its so soft and has a beautiful sweet scent! 
What’s your favourite festive scent?
Anna X 

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