Day To Night Festive Look

 It’s that time of the year, Christmas meals, work do’s, Christmas drinks… that kind of thing! I don’t know about you but I look like crap after a long day at work. Knowing that you are going to a work do straight from work where there will no doubt be the odd selfie and team pictures… You want to look good! But you don’t have time to go home or want to bring in your whole wardrobe and makeup collection to work with you? Well here’s what I did to freshen up and take my daytime work look into my evening Christmas meal look…
I wore my everyday basic makeup look to work with a simple but chić black shirt dress. I decided to do a little fish tail plait for work as its an easy hair style that looks smart and gets my hair out of my face. It also is preparing my hair for the evening without involving curlers or any real hard work! After I finish work for the day I head to the ladies room and touch up my makeup.. Luckily this doesn’t involve too much effort as my base was stil in tact. I re apply some concealer to hide my tired eyes and any problem areas. Add a little contour, re do my eyeliner so it’s looking a bit darker and add a little flick. Touch up my mascara and then add a dramatic red lip. I undo my plait and scrunch is up a little for an effortless wavy curls.

That’s it! A really simple and easy way to transform an everyday boring office look into a festive fun evening look with as little effort as possible! 

What’s your go to day to night look? 
Dress – F+F at Tesco

Red lip – MAC Rihanna viva glam 
Anna X  

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