Secret Santa

 At work this year we decided in my team we would do a secret Santa as a bit of fun… Nothing too expensive or serious! We exchanged ou gifts at our Christmas meal on Wednesday and I thought I would share what I got… I was lucky enough to have one of my best friends from work be my secret Santa and she did very well… I received this beautiful little Christmas box set of nail varnishes from Cîaté. It’s a beautiful purple colour which I was pleased with as I don’t have any colours in my collection like this. The second colour is a beautiful reddy coral colour which is my absolute fav colour to wear on my nails all year through! Cîaté are one of my favourite nail polish brands too, they have great lasting power and beautiful colours not to mention the cute packaging too! I have a few Cîaté polishes now so I was very pleased to see these when I opened my gift! I loved doing secret Santa with my team because we all got to give a little something and receive something too without having to spend a lot of money and it was all very fun! 
Do you ever do secret Santa? 
Anna X 

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