How I clean my makeup brushes…

We all hate it, but we all have to do it (unless you are gross and don’t, then you should do it!). It’s one of those things that I always leave as long as possible and really dread doing it. It’s a definite chore! I was chatting to a few of my friends about how they clean their brushes and what they use – exciting I know! It got me thinking and inspired me to do a little post on how I do it etc…

So I use this No7 make up brush cleanser to clean the brushes most days just to get the layer of product off and to keep them fresh. There are loads of brush cleanser products in the market and they are brilliant for a quick fix. However they don’t completely clean the brushes so it’s important to do a deep clean too. I just pump a little of this onto a cloth and then wipe my brushes in the cloth, and it’s as easy as that. Doing this daily makes the big clean so much easier!

I try and do a deep cleanse for my brushes once every two weeks, but it really depends on how much I have used them and what sort of state they are in as to how much I wil clean them. For a deep clean I use a big bowl with hot water, Johnson’s baby shampoo and a little face exfoliator pad from primark.  

I squirt a few squirts of baby shampoo into the bowl and fill with hot water. I then leave the brushes to soak a little. Once the brushes have soaked I take them to my sink and using the exfoliator pad and shampoo I run them through hot water in circular motions on the exfoliator pad until the brush is clean. Once they are all clean I leave them to dry on a towel.


How do you clean your makeup brushes and how often? 
Anna x 

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