Lush haul and review 

I recently had a little splurge in Lush on some new products to try out! I must admit I haven’t used an awful lot of their skin care range, just because I have been too lazy to go in and ask about different products…  I eventually picked up a few new things; the ‘Rosey cheeks’ fresh face mask, the ‘tea tree toner tab’ and the ‘golden handshake’ hot hand mask. I have given them all a try out and here’s what I think of them…
First up the ‘Rosey cheeks’ fresh face mask. It’s the first Lush face mask I have ever used, don’t ask me why it has taken me so long to try one. I love using a face mask to give myself a little boost at least once a week and I have heard so many people rave about Lush’s range so I had to pick one up to try. I went for this one, if I’m honest because it was the nicest smelling in my opinion (alongside the chocolate one) after I found out what the purpose of it is, it went straight in my basket. This face mask is ultimately to “soothe” the skin, it has calamine powder in which is put in there to calm and smooth the skin, the scent and name is from the rose clay, rose petals and rose oil. Lush’s products are all made from naturally sourced ingredients, this makes them beneficial for the skin and I know exactly what it is I am putting on my face, not to mention animal cruelty free… I have used this 3 times since purchasing it and I have to say I am in love. It smells gorgeous, leaves my skin so soft and has actually helped hydrate my skin and sort my dry patches out. I will definitely be re-purchasing this and can’t wait to try out some more from their range. 

Next up is the ‘Tea tree toner tab’. These little tablets are only £1 so I picked up a couple. I haven’t seen them before so I was intrigued as to what they would do for my skin. Obviously tea tree is perfect for dealing with spots as it is a antibacterial. I have used tea tree based products before to tackle spots. I don’t suffer really bad from spots apart from the normal hormonal ones each month… However my skin can flare up every now and then if I am slacking with my skin care and going in heavy with my makeup. I do steam my face every now and then on occasions, when I can be bothered… I thought this would be perfect to give my skin a real clear out and little TLC! It’s really simple to use, simply boil some water into a bowl, drop the tablet in and hold you face over the bowl with a towel to cover your face. The tablet fizzes in the water and all the antioxidants work into your skin through the steam. It opens up your pores, clears and cleans the skin. After a couple of minutes my face is so hot and I need to breath so I splash some cold water over my face and dab dry. The initial result is really refreshing, my skin automatically looks clearer. I only tried this out this morning so I can’t give any more feedback of the results but I haven’t layered any makeup on top of my skin to give it a real break and chance to air out. The lady in the lush shop said that the water can be used with a cotton pad as toner water too. My first impressions of it are very good. I have another one to use, and with what I have seen so far I would probably re-purchase this when my skin needs a little boost. 

The last product is the ‘golden handshake’ hot hand mask. This was actually given to me from a friend. It’s not something I would normally buy for myself but looked and sounded interesting. I don’t know about you but my hands are definitely neglected… I have been making a conscious effort to use hand cream daily, recently but that’s about as far as it goes… Obviously the winter winds have been less than forgiving on my hands and they are a little dry and chapped. This is really easy to use, either in a bowl or in the sink run some hot water and stir this until the water turns creamy… Or alternatively you can melt the product in the water and then massage it in to your hands which I personally found easier. The water turns glittery from the gold glitter which looks pretty and doesn’t go everywhere. It’s full of essential oils which you can really feel when massaging your hands during using the product and hours after using it my hands still felt hydrated and soft. It’s a luxury product  and I did enjoy the result. However it is a little bit of a faff, you need to have 15 minutes spare to sit down not using hands which is a little bit inconvenient if you are like me and always have to be doing something… I’m not sure if I would go out and by this for myself again but it was a nice present and fun to try out! 

Is there any other lush skin care products I should try? What’s your favourite?
                                   A n n a 

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