Booking Disneyland Paris

As you may or may not know I am off to Disney land Paris next week to celebrate my 21st birthday with a few of my friends! I am so excited and have a few blog post ideas covering it all.. This is my second time going to Disney land Paris, and I have been to Orlando, Florida Disney world numerous times too! I am a big Disney fan so what better place to celebrate my 21st?  It’s just one of those places where no matter how old you are you will enjoy it. Today I thought I would do a little post on the booking process and how I have planned for my trip. 

The booking process

I don’t know about you but when I think of Disney, I think it’s going to extautionate prices. However each time I have booked a Disneyland Paris holiday I have looked around various holiday companies and online deals and in fact booking through Disneyland Paris website was the cheapest option both times. Both for booking park tickets and for booking holiday packages. The first time I went to Disneyland I was only visiting for the day and spending the rest of my time exploring Paris so I booked the hotel in Paris and just booked park tickets through Disney, this time I am just staying in Disney and looked at different options on where to stay and booking through Disneyland Paris was the cheapest and most efficient deal. We paid £175 each (there are 4 of us – £700) for 3 nights, 4 days. Staying in the Santa Fe Disney hotel, we get our park tickets included and extra magic hours, breakfast and a meal voucher each day we are there to be used for either a lunchtime or evening meal at certain restaurants located all over the parks. There are always different offers on the Disney website so makesure you keep an eye on them if you are thinking about booking! 


Next we had to decide on how we were getting there. I live pretty close to a small airport (Southampton) which would be the most convienient option however flights are usually a lot more expensive flying from there than say, flying from a larger airport such as London Gatwick/Heathrow… The last time I went to Paris I went via the Eurostar which was about £80 for a return however There is the extra expense of getting to London which and would make our journey longer. We kept an eye on flight prices for a couple of weeks and decided on flying from Southampton as in total it wouldn’t be any more expensive than having to get to London for the Eurostar, although I would recommend the Eurostar from my previous experience it was really easy, hassle free and the journey was pleasant. Our flights cost £145 flying from Southampton, flying early in the morning, meaning we get a whole day in Disney pretty much! The flight home is in the evening, so we get a full day that day too! We also get a lot of luggage which is perfect for us girls who I know will over pack… Means I can take them extra shoes! 23kg hold luggage and 12kg hand luggage which I think works out at a pretty good deal. We also had to figure out how we would get from the airport to the hotel/Disney land, which is really simple! Disney offer a “magic shuttle” which picks up at the airport and will take you to your Disneyland hotel. There is a magic shuttle timetable at the airport and it runs every hour this was around £25/£30 for a return ticket!


After booking Disney the count down begins and the excitement starts! I have had a countdown on my phone since the day of booking! I have picked up a few bits to take to Disney land with me such as a Mickey Mouse jumper (all 4 of us have matching jumped – how cool?!) I have been planning what outfits to wear and also been looking up what is happening whilst we are there… Often throughout the year there are seasonal events on such as the Christmas theme, swing into spring and Halloween. There’s not a theme on whilst we are there unfortunately but that doesn’t matter! You can also see if there are any rides or attractions that will be closed throughout he year for maintenance etc… Which I think is handy if there is certain rides you really want to do!you can also make reservations for your favourite/popular restaurants. I know that on our last day we are planning on going to cafe mickey for breakfast where you can meet the characters and that is a popular one so we are going to ring up and make a reservation! 

Here are the links for Disneyland Paris and the magic shuttle.

I am so excited for Disney land, make sure you are following me on my Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date with my trip! 

Pictures from google images and Disneyland Paris website.

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