Outfit inspirtion – Stripes and denim

I have been obsessing over a few of my recent purchases and thought why not share with you guys for some outfit inspo?! 

I have been after black dungarees for soooo long and just not found any that look great for the money that they cost! I stumbled across these black dungarees in primark and for £15 I couldn’t say no! I grabbed a long sleeve blue and white stripes T-shirt to go with it and bam outfit sorted for £19! I haven’t worn them out yet but I’m planning on taking them to Paris with me teamed up with my white classic converse. They both work perfectly with a red lip too, which we all know I love to rock! 

After buying that bargain outfit in primark I was dragged into NewLook, which is when I found this bea-ut-iful denim pinafore dress. And I picked up yet again another stripey top… (Not that I needed another one). Put this outfit together with a pair of black tights, some cute black boots and my new gold layered necklace from H&M and voilà! How cute?! Again I am planning on taking this to Paris, and will hopefully be doing a what I wore post so you can see how I have worn them properly. 

Denim pinafore dress – NewLook £19.99

Striped 3/4 length sleeved top – NewLook £7.99

Necklace – H&M £3.99

Black dungarees – Primark £15

Long sleeved striped top – Primark £4

What pieces are you obsessing over at the mo? 

                                    A n n a

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