What I’m packing – Disneyland Paris

I am off to Disney today! How exciting, it literally only feels like last week I booked it! Excited is an understatement really!  Here’s what I’m taking with me…



I’m packing quite light as we are only away for a few days. Packing jumpers and lots of layers as it’s going to be freezing – I think there’s a chance of snow according to the weather forecast) I am hopefully going to do a ‘what I wore kind’ of post when I’m back so you can see my outfits! I have my trusty travel wash bag and another cosmetics bag to take all my tile tries and makeup in! I have packed my mine mouse ears because that’s just an necessity and I don’t really see the point in splashing out on another €20 for another pair… And yes, I am packing 5 lipsticks… A few reds, a nude and a bright pink (just in case) 
   I am so so sooo excited for Disney land, make sure you are following me on my Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date with Minnie Mouse ear selfies and Disney fun filled tweets throughout my trip! I won’t be posting this Friday or Monday due to it being my birthday celebrations and me not being organised with my posts but back to normal from Wednesday! 
                                     A n n a

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