Clinique product launch – Pep Start eye cream

 Picture above c/o Charlotte!



Friday Clinique launched their brand new product ‘Pep Start’ the new vibrantly packaged, eye cream. I was invited along to celebrate the launch with a few drinks,goodie bags and a chance to play around with cliniques new releases along with the brand new pep start eye cream. 

The eye cream is like nothing Clinique has released before, from its  quirky packaging to the product itself. It’s aimed at attracting younger audiences with the fun, brightly coloured packaging. The product itself is so easy to use as there’s a no fuss roller ball top to it, and the product is so luxurious feeling on the eyes, not too thick or heavy. After testing it out on my hand it sunk right into my skin imidately and left a really soft feeling. It’s aim is to smooth, rehydrate and brighten the eye area. It’s also a great base for your makeup meaning your concealer won’t cake up in the eye area and eyeshadows should stay in place better – What more could you want from an eye cream? What I personally love about the new product is the rollerball top, I do try and use eyecreams in my skincare routine but it’s something I do forget to apply sometimes. I also don’t like the idea of always dipping my hand into a pot and then applying that product to my eye area, with this you don’t have to worry it’s just a little squeezy bottle and a roller lid to apply on the face – much more hygienic and less fuss! It retails at £22, which I don’t think is too bad for a good quality, high end product compared to the other ones on the market. 


As mentioned above… we were all kindly given a goody bag with a sample of the product and anothe Clinique goody; the liquid facial soap, which I have never used before… And some cute little orange jelly beans!


We were also let loose on the counter to try out all the other new releases and classic Clinique products. The girls all had fun doing makeovers on each other and I fell in love with the contouring chubby sticks!


It wouldn’t be an event without a cheeky Instagram board… 

I had a lovely time at the event, the ladies at Clinique were lovely and if you have any questions be sure to speak with them -they know what they are talking about! We were given a sample of the new product to try out, so be sure to keep an eye out for my review soon… I’m excited to start using it! 

                                  A n n a

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