Disneyland Paris Haul

Let’s talk about two of my favourite things… Shopping and Disney! Obviously it was going to happen, it was my birthday and who can resist splurging out on Disney, novelty things when in Disneyland?! I didn’t go crazy on myself I bought a few gifts for friends and some treats for my little brothers too, but I thought I’d share with you what I bought for myself… 

My friend Grace and I went halfs on a Minnie and mickey key ring  duo, they both hold Half a magnetic heart each which connects when they are next to each other… How sad are we?! 

I knew I was going to be getting this as I bought it on my last trip but unfortunately lost it. It’s just a really cute classic Minnie Mouse pen.


I picked this up as my lanyard I use for work is white and is looking a bit grubby now so I thought why not get a new one from Disneyland, this isn’t too in your face Disney either which I quite like!

This is possibly my favourite purchase from the whole trip… PRINCESS PASTA!  I’m in two minds whether to keep it in a jar or make a delicious princess meal with it!


When I saw these I knew I had to have them, if I was getting anything this trip it was going to be these little cuties! It’s the classic monochrome Minnie and mickey! They were €15.99 each, which I didn’t think was too bad in comparison to the other cuddles toys there. They look so cute in my room, I love them to bits! 

I had received a few euros for Christmas and birthday so had a few extra euros left and treated myself whilst at the airport to a couple of luxury products… I wouldn’t normally splash the cash like this but as it was a special occasion I thought why not?! I picked up the new Chanel healthy glow foundation in the shade N°12 Rose and the coco rouge ultra hydrating lip colour in the shade 424 Edith.


 I love all the little bits I picked up in Disney and I am obsessed with my Chanel treats, I will review the products after testing them out properly, but so far so good! 

                                   A n n a

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