It’s all about the nude makeup

After slightly overdoing the red lip in recent months, what with Christmas and Disney land. I have wanted to mute my makeup recently with a more subtle ‘nude lip’. I have also swapped my classic, go to, winged eyeliner look with some eyeshadows! I love my lipsticks and it’s rare you will catch me not wearing any! Eyeshadows however are a different thing. I love them, and always lust after the beautiful palettes out there, but I struggle to wear them and because I often am wearing a bold lip I would rather sacrifice the eyeshadow. 

BUT… Recently I have been exploring nude lips more. I had a few in my collection to start with, but they aren’t a colour I reach for a lot… I bought myself a gorgeous classic pinky nude whilst at the airport. It’s from Chanel and is from the coco rouge ultra hydrating lip colour range in the shade 424 Edith, as a 21st birthday treat for myself! How beautiful is this? Honestly my perfect everyday lip colour!

My beautiful blogging friends bought me this gorgeous Urban Decay nude for my birthday. For me this is the nudest nude of them all, it’s the shade ‘stark naked’. This has an orangey base, and on its own is very, very nude! It’s a matte formula which is my favourite kind! It has great staying power, although I did find my lips were quite dried out after wearing this all day, I just make sure I use a good lip balm to prep my lips with before applying. This is honestly the perfect everyday, ‘your lips but better’! The packaging is gorgeous too, it’s weighted which makes it feel so luxurious and expensive. 

These are a few of my favourite nudes that I have in my collection… You will notice they are very similar. They are quite dark as far as nudes go. I am not a massive nude fan to be completely honest but if I wear a nude lipstick, I opt for the purple undertoned nudes like MAC’s ‘Mehr’ lipstick, my all time favourite everyday lipstick, this is perfect for work or for an evening look. It’s such a gorgeous nude lipstick it complements my complexion and eye colour too and I don’t feel washed out when I wear this colour. It was in fact one of the first nudes I fell in love with. The second is from Kiko in the shade ’01’ from their ‘intensely lavish range’.It’s very similar in colour. However it’s a different formula, the MAC lipstick is of course a matte formulation. I think the kiko one is meant to be ‘matte’ however it’s definitely more creamy and not as mattified as Mehr. Both these lipsticks are gorgeous and firm favourites in my lipstick collection. 

I have really been loving lip liners recently. I must admit I never saw the point before, and didn’t enjoy using them. But they can really transform a look. I have a really brown coloured  Bobbi Brown nude lipstick which I hated before, using my Kiko pink lipliner underneath completely transforms what it looks like on my lips and now I love it! Here are a few of my favourite lip lines to use for my perfect nude lipstick!  Left to right – Rimmel 007 Rose Quartz lasting finish lip pencil, Rimmel 032 innocent exaggerate full lip colour, Rimmel 063 eastend snob exaggerate full lip colour and kiko intensely lavish 01. 


Another shameless selfie – sorry not sorry! Here I have layered my beautiful pink Kiko lip liner up with my new Urban Decay ‘stark naked ‘ nude matte lipstick to create a really gorgeous pinky nude. I used my Makeup Revolution ‘ultra professional flawless’ eyeshadow palette and blended some pink, neutral colours with my  Maybeline colour tattoo cream eyeshadow in the shade 65 pink gold. To create a really pretty pink smoky eyeshadow. 

This is a look I have been creating a lot of recently and absolute love it! It’s so much fun breaking away from my usual makeup that I do day in day out! 

                                   A n n a

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