Lush Valentine’s collection 

The lovely ladies at Lush Southampton invited me along to their Valentine’s Day event on Friday. It was full of food, laughter and sniffing the lush goodness! We had a chance to browse the limited edition range, my favourite being the ‘lover lamp’ bath bomb. The lovely Lucy and Nicole performed some demos on how to use the products, to show us what they each did and gave us a quick run down of each of the products…



We also got to make our own facemask with Lucy, she took us through all the ingredients that goes into the ‘cupcake’ facemask and what they do for your skin. This  smells just as good as it sounds, I can’t wait to try it out!  
 They let us loose on the makeup after playing the ’emotional brilliance wheel’ game – very fun by the way, learning about the different colours and what they reflect on our emotions. I have never tried lush makeup but after having a play around I fell in love. It’s all multi purpose which is really handy and practical. I LOVED this lip colour – ‘confidence’.

 They were so lovely and gave us all a goodie bag with a few pieces from the collection. I can’t wait to try them all out!  


I received a Prince Charming shower cream, The Kiss sugar lip scrub and a Tisty Tosty  bath ballistic. I also bought myself the Lover Lamp  bath bomb because I loved the demo so much!   
  I also picked myself up my favourite bath bomb of all time which is Twighlight if any of you are interested… This is the perfect evening pamper bath bomb for me. It makes the bath all pretty in pink and is so relaxing and soothing.  
This is the Cupcake facemask which I got to take away with me. I have put it in my fridge ready to use tomorrow – very excited! 

I think Lush products make a perfect gift for people whether it’s a Valentine’s, birthday or Christmas there’s always something for everyone! And it’s perfectly acceptable to pop in a treat yourself for a Valentine’s Day pampering gift… I have! 

Have you picked up anything from their Valentine’s Day range? What’s your favourite Lush product? 
                                  A n n a





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