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Whilst gallivanting around Paris last month for my 21st birthday I thought I would treat myself to some  Chanel pieces, Chanel being one of my all time favourite brands. I picked up the new healthy glow foundation – in the shade N°12 Rose. 

Chanel launched this new addition to their ‘Les Beiges’ collection on the 15th of January and claim that this is an “invisible fondation that creates a natural healthy glow”. It supposedly adapts to your face shape and allows your skin to breathe freely, while also protecting it from environmental conditions.

Firstly, can we please talk about the packaging?! It’s so classic and luxurious. The simple glass bottle with the Chanel lid is so sophisticated and looks beautiful on my dressing table.

I really enjoyed applying this to my face, I tried both with a blending brush and just with my fingers, although I preferred the finish with my fingers. I found it smoothed over my skin really nicely. It felt almost like I was applying a moisturiser rather than a foundation. It was very cooling and just all together rather pleasant, and didn’t leave a sticky residue that other foundations can leave. My face was velvety smooth, but without looking or feeling mattified! As someone who suffers from dry skin I really enjoyed how hydrating this fondation is, my skin was not left feeling dry at the end of the day after wearing this. Although I think this will work well on most skin types, it sinks into the skin really well and stays in place all day, didn’t look ‘Cakey’. It really does give a healthy, glowy finish to your skin. I also love that there’s a good SPF in it, something I look for in a foundation, it’s always good knowing that what you are putting on your face is protecting you from the sun, this has an SPF 25.

The downsides, unfortunately I didn’t love this product as much as I had hoped I would. It’s not as high coverage as I would of liked and compared to some of my other foundations I use on a daily basis. I feel the formula is so hydrating, which does give a glowy, sheer look to the skin however it lacks the coverage/pigmentation. I also didn’t think much of the colour range, I was stuck between two of the lighter shades and the one I went for is just too pale on me (SHOCK!) there isn’t much variation of colour.

I think that this would be a perfect light, glowy base for the summer months, but for me this just isn’t as high coverage as I need for a winter foundation. It is also too pale for me so I will need to either mix this with a dark foundation or just bronze up a lot. I am going to keep playing around with it and hopefully I will fall in love, like I hoped I would! If you are looking for a smoothing, lightweight, glowing foundation, not bothered about high coverage and don’t mind the £36 price tag then you will love this…

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