Babyliss heated rollers 



If you haven’t realised already I have very long, thick hair… People always complement me on it and say that they are envious, however it can actually be a big chore and to be perfectly honest a pain in the bum. I don’t have time to style it day to day, and I often get bored when trying to, so opt for an easy plait or straighten it or my go to big messy bun. My mum is getting married in April, and I am being a bridesmaid! I have been playing around with some ideas for my hair and I had a vision for my hair to be in loose curls, with bits pinned up, however curling my long locks is a bit of a mission. It takes soooooo’ long and my hair struggles to hold any curls. I have tried curling tongs, curling wands and curling it with my straighteners, non of which worked very well… I watched a few tutorials on YouTube and saw people using heated rollers and decided to give them ago as I haven’t tried any before so decided to give it go and order some.

I opted for the ‘Babyliss Thermal Ceramic Rollers’. You get 8 Large rollers, 6 medium rollers and 6 small rollers, it also comes with a load of  big clips and the slide in grips too. I have tested this out a few times now and each time I have been so impressed and made up with the results, as someone who finds it difficult to curl my hair, these made it so quick, easy and effortless and gave me the results I wanted. With the different sized barrels you can create different looks, tight curls, loose curls, you can mix them up and you can create volumised hair. What I also love about using the rollers is, it takes about 5 minutes to get all your hair up into the rolls and then you just leave it up to do its thing, you can get on and do your make up, watch some TV/YouTube, read a book or cook and then take them out when you fancy, obviously the longer you leave them in the better the curl looks, but these do a good job in 15/20 minutes left in. I can curl my whole head using about 10/12 rollers and I have also tried curling it in sections which does make them curl slightly better, but of course takes slightly longer. Another thing I love about these rollers, you don’t get the arm ache that you get when you are curling it yourself, which I’m sure you can all relate too… The best part about these though has to be the price, they are only £29.99 in boots, on ebay/amazon… so cheap! honestly such a great investment.

The only down sides to this is it doesn’t smell great when you turn it on, I don’t know if its just where its new or what but it isn’t a great burning plastic sort of smell. The curls are perfect and do look nice all day but they drop quite quickly, so if you are wanting loose curls then these are perfect!

What I have been doing is using my Treseme heat defence styling spray brushing that through my hair, also adding a bit of dry shampoo on the roots to give my hair a bit of texture and to help add volume. I then take the big rollers and start at the front parts of my hair as I want these curls to look the best, being that they are at the front of my face. I roll the hair facing upwards (see above pic) I tend to use a mixture of the different sized rollers just to separate the hair up a bit. Once its all up I have been leaving it for about 15 minutes and then letting each curl down and hair spraying it in place. When all the hair is let loose, I hairspray it again and scrunch up my roots a little to add more volume. I also love the half up half down do when my hair is curled like this.

Overall I am made up with my purchase as I can finally curl my hair properly and I have finally found something that works on my hair and is quick and easy to use. I will definitely be using these for my mums wedding day – so expect lots of curly hair selfies – I don’t know how I have coped without these before now, I love them!


Have you tried any heated rollers before?



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