Lush shower creams

I am an official a lush shower cream convert! I have ditched my normal shower gels and this is the way forward from now on! WHY has it taken me this long in my 21 years of exsistance to only now try one of their shower creams?! I am in love, here’s the two that I have been falling in love with…
Yuzo and cocoa 

My beautiful blogging girlies bought me a lush gift set for my birthday, and this bright little bottle of yellow goodness was one of the products inside! I have heard this stuff was good from some of my other favourite bloggers and I had even smelt it in store, and thought it smelt nice but didn’t see the big deal about their shower creams, they just looked a bit weird if I’m honest… I am a big lush fan I promise. It was love after my first shower using this, the smell is heavenly and it’s such a moisturising shower product! I have sensitive skin, and often come out of the shower with irritated skin due to products I use or the tempratire of the water. This however was so soothing on my skin, I had no irritation what so ever! I also loved how vibrant and bright this was in the shower, after lavishing it up with my scrubber I was one big yellow bubble… What more do you want in the shower!

Prince Charming 

I was gifted this recently at the lush Valentine’s event (check out my post here!) it is from their limited edition Valentine’s range and is no longer available to buy. However it’s not going to stop me boasting about it on here! Who needs a Prince Charming to sweep you off your feet when you could have an amazing shower with this little bottle of charmingness… It’s such a unique but beautiful smell, very sweet! Again I absolutely loved the colour me and my shower turned after using this, much like anything from lush – very vibrant! Both shower creams are very true to the name – very creamy, softening and leave your skin smelling gorgeous. A little really does go a long way too, so even with these smaller bottles I will get a fair bit of use from them… Hallelujah to heavenly showers! 

I can’t wait to go in a pick up some more! Have you got any recommendations? 

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