Disneyland Paris

You may remember back in January I celebrated my 21st birthday in Disneyland Paris with some friends… I have been wanting to post about my trip for ages but it’s been quite a difficult post to write as if I shared he whole trip we would be here forever! I have tried my hardest to narrow it down and take you through my trip day by day. It is going to be a long one – I do apologise! I would grab a cuppa and some biscuits maybe…

We arrived on the Thursday morning as we had early flights which was perfect as it gave us that extra day in Disney! We took the magic shuttle from the airport to our hotel, where we were offered a free upgrade! What an excellent start to the holiday?! They took our baggage for us and we gallivanted off to the parks… The walk from the hotel to the park was so pretty it was like we were walking through a ski resort or something, it was pretty cold and everything had iced over, the trees where dusted with frost! It was very picturesque. 

There is something so special when you walk down to the entrance of  the Disneyland parks, I thought it might of just been from the first time, but no it happened this time too! You just turn into and excited little child it really is magical! 


First thing was first we had to make our way over to the castle and act like the princesses we know we are… Then we explored the rest of the park to find some rides! There was hardly anyone there so no queues which was fantastic! 



After we had explored the majority of Disneyland, gone on all of the rides and met some characters I think we had a pretty successful first day it was time to get a snack and watch the Disney dreams show (the fireworks) 

The Disney dreams show was the perfect end to a perfect first day at Disney and it was such a magical beautiful show of lights, songs and fireworks! Such a clever idea… If you go to Disneyland Paris even if it’s just for one day I recommend staying until the park closing time to watch this! 


We made our way back to our hotel, which was the Sequioa Lodge. It was such a fantastic hotel, considering the price we paid for the holiday and compared to the hotel we were meant to be staying at we were so lucky! It was like staying in a cute Canadian ski lodge or something! We arrived at this beautiful wooden/ brick themed hotel and it was so toasty and warm! We put our stuff in the room and got freshened up ready for dinner. When we booked our holiday we opted for a half board option as there was a really good deal on and this ended up being the cheapest option! It gave us a meal voucher to use in various selected restaurant all around Disney, and also a snack/tea time treat per day! Our hotel provided breakfast in the morning so we saved our vouchers for dinner and just bought food in the parks for lunch! The first night we decided to eat at our hotels restaurant which was AMAZING… It was a buffet and at first I wasn’t to keen on the sound of it but when we went in and saw the food and tasted it, I was blown away! I could of eaten the whole lot it was delicious… The picture doesn’t do it justice and sorry for the random selection of food… But I went up for second helpings of the meatballs and pasta!
The second day (Friday) we headed over to the Walt Disney studios park! I haven’t done this park in Paris before so I was very excited to see what it was like! I wore my Parisian striped and dungarees outfit… And my leather jacket and chunky scarf to keep me warm!    

I absolutely love all the themed areas, Disney really go all out! The ratatouille part which is relatively new was one of my favourites! It looks like you have stepped into the film! And (very popular) ratatouille ride was insane aswell! I’m not sure how to describe it but in my head it’s a mix between 4D and a stimulator sort of ride which carries you round and you feel like you are one of the rats basically! It’s so much fun but I would definitely recommend getting a fast pass for it!       


We actually met quite a few characters, which I was surprised about as I hardly saw any on my last trip to Disneyland Paris! We had such a laugh as you can tell… Grace had a bit of beef with buzz! 


We went on pretty much all of the rides, the rocking roller coaster and the tower of terror were definitely my favourites. They give you such a thrill after doing them! The studios is a lot smaller than the main park so after we had done everything we did a little mooching around the gift shops and headed back to the main park to catch the parade…






The performers are fantastic, even though the heavens opened and it was peeing it down with rain they carried on… It was so much fun signing along to the parade eating our sugar doughnut and hot chocolates (the tea time treat)! We then went back to our hotel to freshen up and meet my friend Alice who just arrived as she had an exam in the morning! We had dinner in the hotel again as it was so nice and just relaxed! 



On the Saturday we went back to the main park so we could relive it for Alice, we tried to do as much as possible but it was so much busier on the weekend than it was on the Thursday when we arrived! We used our meal vouchers for lunch at the Colonel Hathi’s pizza outpost restaurant which is in the adventure land part, the food was alright, not brilliant. I wouldn’t go back if I had to pay the prices they charge! But it was a fun experience and we just used our vouchers as we wanted to go out for dinner to celebrate our last night! 

  Space mountain was definitely one of our favourites so we grabbed a fast pass to do this before we left for dinner! Past passes are so worth doing, they are free and you can only have one at a time but it means you aren’t queueing for everything… 

The parks are opened a bit later on the weekends, so the fireworks/Disney dreams isn’t on until 10pm which meant we could go out for dinner and then come back to watch the fireworks! I have never been to planet holiday before and knew I wanted to try it so we all decided that would be the place we would eat on our last night… We completely pigged out and had some cocktails too!    




I love the walk through to get in and out of Disney land… 

The next morning (Sunday) was out last day at Disneyland and the day before my birthday! I had said to the girls before we had even got to Disneyland that I wanted to go to cafe mickey for breakfast on our last day! We arrived and they were acting a little strange and it was because they had organised behind my back for a birthday cake to come out and everyone sang me happy birthday! I danced with mickey and Pluto… It was rather magical! The best part of all was it wasn’t just ordinary birthday cake… It was ice cream cake- Which I have always wanted!





I had the most amazing time away with these beautiful girls, they made my 21st birthday so memorable and special I can’t thank them enough! It was such a fun trip! 

Just a quick round up/ review of the trip…

  • If you are planning on booking to go to Disneyland Paris I would 100% recommend book in through Disneyland official website! 
  • Sequioa Lodge hotel is fantastic especially if you are a group of adults like us it’s more of a grown up feel to it – and bring your bikinis as there is a hottub/pool! 
  • Use the fast passes – they are free! 
  • Use you Disney Magic hours they are so valuable!
  • I would save meal vouchers for a main meal in the evening!
  • If I was to book again I would avoid weekends! 

If you want to see how I planned this trip check my post out here! 

If you want to see what I packed you can check that out here! 

I also did a Disney land Paris haul… Which you can check out here! 


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