Easter fun


I am a chocolate addict… I have to admit! So obviously Easter is one of my favourites because I can stuff my face with chocolate without being judged – well we all can! When Homesense asked me to do a collaboration for Easter it was an obvious answer. I went into store and found so many cool Easter themed things it was brilliant fun! They had everything from Easter eggs, decorations and  baking! If you are one of them kind of people who like to throw themed parties for different occasions it would be ideal! 

I thought it would be so much fun to get a few bits for Easter weekend so I went straight over to the Easter themed baking section where I picked up these really cute and fun Easter themed cupcake cases and flags. That was when I found these carnival multi coloured sprinkles to go inside my Easter cupcakes – to make the perfect fun Easter treat! I am going to make the cupcakes the day before Easter so be sure to follow me on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook to see how they turn out! 

I then found this make your own Easter egg hunt kit… I can’t wait until Easter morning to get my little brothers out to do this, I set it all up for pictures and it looked sooooo cute! I popped to pound land to pick up a bag of little Easter eggs for them to find and then made all the little flags with the stickers and sticks in the pack! They are going to love it and it makes it a little more fun than just hidin eggs! I definitely will be able to keep this for next year too as its really good quality and there are a few Spain stickers. 
Go and check out homesense’s Easter range and let me know what you think! 


*I was given a gift card for PR purposes. All views/opinions/ideas are my own. 

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