What’s in my bag – Rucksack edition



I switch my bags up all the time but recently got this super cute rucksack from TKMaxx and I’m in love and wanted to share it with you guys! 

I have been on the hunt for the perfect black rucksack for ages, when I set my eyes on this faux leather, structured rucksack with gold hardware I knew I had to have it. It was an absolute steal too – only £19.99 which I really didn’t think was that bad. It’s not a brand that I have heard of before – Gessy love from London – but TKMaxx have some amazing branded bags at really good prices, my last bag was the Steve Madden bag which I did a post on here! TKMaxx is my go to place to get a great handbag – it’s great! 

Onto what’s in the bag for all you nosey people… Although it’s really not that interesting at all! 

I have all the essentials in there such as my Dune purse (also from TKMaxx), my house keys with my cute Minnie Mouse key ring from Disneyland Paris, my reading glasses, sunglasses, headphones and IPhone 6+. I also have been carrying around a little makeup bag for any touch ups whilst on the go… Inside my zoeva cosmetics bag (which I got with my zoeva brushes) is a nail file – a necessity! A hand cream so my hands don’t dry out whilst out and about, a Olympia perfume mini to smell fresh (it’s one of my fav’s scents), a little Rosey pink Loreal blush to brighten up my face throughout the day, my Kiko compact as it has a cute mirror, my benefit roller lash mascara just in case, my essence concealer for any needed touch ups in the day and last but definitely not least my lipstick I’m wearing that day… Which happens to be my gorgeous Chanel

There’s not a great deal in there at the mo, but it can fit so much in, I stayed at a friends one night and had my basic overnight stuff in there. It’s such a great bag, that also can make an outfit look so stylish and put together. It’s chic, and comfortable. I am planning on taking this to America with me too as I think it will come in really handy! 

Have you bought any bags in TKMaxx before? Am I missing anything in my bag that you would add in?!


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