Trek America – planning 

The countdown is getting smaller and the excitement is getting a little out of control… I still have a lot to do and organise but I thought I would share a quick update of what I have been doing recently to prepare and plan my trip…


I really recommend ordering a brochure from the website, it’s free and I just prefer flicking through this to read up on my trip as it all on one page. There is extra info in the back of the book too with pre trek tips and tricks and things like that. 


The website is really handy too, it has any information I need on there and I have found the ‘before you go’ page really helpful when writing my to do list of things I still need to do or get before my trip. It also I worth just checking if there is anything you need specific for your trek. For example even though I am doing a BLT tour (budget lodging) which is hotels and hostels that sort of thing, I still need a sleeping bag, which I didn’t think I would need, but found out on the website I need one! 

I have also been using trek America live which you can create your own profile, meet and talk to other Trekkers, find out useful tips and tricks and chat in forums. 8 weeks before the trek they will open up your group so you can chat and get to know your trek group. I have already found 2 girls who are on my trek through setting up a forum on here! 

I have also been using Instagram, Twitter and Facebook trying to find other people on my trek! Just because I’m too impatient to wait and find out. I also want to know what others people plans are for before and after the trek! I  use hashtags like #TrekAmerica #SouthernBLT (which is my trek) and I have been writing in the trek Americas Facebook page. Last week I decided to create a Facebook page and hopefully people may stumble across it! Can you tell I’m excited?! 


I have also been super organised and got myself a little notebook just for all things trek America related to help keep my planning in one place. I have kept all my payments that I have made and still need to make notes down in here to keep me up to date. I have my flight details in here. A list of things I need to do and get before I go and I have lists of places I want to visit!


My boss has been to several places in America a few times and was kind enough to lend me some books which are perfect guides to some of the places I’m visiting and a rough guide to the USA as a whole! So I have been reading through them picking out places I want to go etc… 

Also to assist my preparations I have been reading loads of amazing travel blogs, both USA in general and also blog post specifically on trek America trips. I have got some really useful tips from reading these and also it has made me so excited to write mine when I’m back! These are just a few of my favourites that I have been reading! 

World this weekend 

Brogan Tate xo

Hannah gale

I have also been staying up to God knows what time binge watching people’s trek America vlogs! My favourites have to be Dizzy Brunette and Brogan

I am so so sooooo excited and still have so much to do and get before I go. As I am writing this I have 10 weeks to go, that’s 70 days! 

I still need to organise my hotels for before and after my trek, sort out my visa (which I’m going to do after I have written this) and a whole other list of things I need to get!

I have done a few posts already related to my trek you can check them out here. And I will be writing about my trek once I’m back so watch out for that! 


                                      Anna x 

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