Spring OOTD

I haven’t done an outfit post in a long time. In fact I rarely do outfit posts as its too much effort and I am no good at posing (as you can see)… However I had a fun weekend gallivanting around town with my blogger friends, we walked through this pretty floral part in southampton […]

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Wedding inspo’ with Homesense

Spring in the UK is typically known for being the ‘wedding season’. All the shops are bringing out their wedding outfits or themed products. It is really a beautiful time of the year and after being involved in my mums wedding recently I have been really appreciating it all a bit more now and can’t […]

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Life update 

Well look who’s back…  I feel like I’m doing the walk of shame or something! I’m sorry I haven’t been posting regularly recently. April has flown by and Life has been a complete whirlwind over the last month. I have barely been able to keep track of myself let alone keep track of my blog. […]

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