Top tips saving for your travels 

I am in no way what so ever one to talk when it comes to saving. I much prefer to blow my money on the unnecessary but beautiful things in life like makeup… However when you want to go on holiday or ‘travel’ you will soon realise that these thing cost money and then you have to sacrifice things! When I decided to book trek America I knew it would mean having to budget for a while and cut back on things. It has been hard but it’s actually demonstrated to myself that if I want something I will work hard to get it and also that I don’t need to blow my wages in primark each month! I have put together a little list of ways you can save for your travel addiction! 

  1. Saving out of your wages – save as much as you can out of your pay packet! When I get paid I budget for my bills and a reasonable amount to live off of each week and a little extra if I am going out inparticular anywhere. I then save as much as I can, if I need to I can take some out but it’s good to put the majority of it away!  
  2. A money jar! Such a simple underrated way to save… I have a little vase that sits on my windowsill and every couple of days I will empty out any change lurking in my bag or purse! Then I take it to the bank when it’s full. You would be surprise how much it adds up to!  
  3. Bootsales/eBay and depop – my friend holly and I do bootsale a quite regularly as we obviously accumulate a lot of sh*t! Every month or so on a Sunday morning we will get up super early load all our stuff in a car and sell all our unwanted and used items for money. It’s really quick easy way to make some extra cash I have made up to £80 for 3 and a half hours selling stuff before! More recently I have been selling some of my nicer more expensive things on apps such as depop and eBay! You do have to pay a small fee but it’s another good option.    
  4. Birthdays/Christmas – Christmas and my birthday have been now but I asked instead of buying me presents or getting me gift cards if my friends and family would mind gifting me money towards my trek, to pay for things when I’m out there like the helicopter ride over the grand Canion! This way I have the dollars converted already and can’t spend them here.
  5. Cutting down on luxuries – similar to the top one… I think it’s great to look through your bank statements and see what you are spending your money on. See what’s unnecessary or a luxury and decide whether you need it or not. Things like Netflix and gym memberships. They might seem small amounts but they do all add up! 

Traveling is expensive, I just keep thinking of how much fun I will have and that does keep me motivated to save. If I can save them anyone can because I am a total shopaholic! 
                                     Anna x

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