Im home…

After nearly a whole year of banging on about it, the adventure of a lifetime has been and gone and its time to share it all with you guys! It has not been easy trying to summarise the best four weeks of my life onto one blog post but I have tried, just be prepared for a long one…

Trek America for me, was more than a holiday. It was an incredible adventure, a chance to travel across the states, meet some amazing people, push myself to do something new and tick a few things off of my bucket list along the way…
My mum dropped me off at Heathrow airport on the monday the 13th of June in the morning and I cant even begin to explain the excitment that I felt. It was the first time i have ever travelled solo and I have to say i actually loved it! I felt so free and excited for the adventure i was about to embark on. I did have high hopes for the trip, however trek well and truly exceeded my excpectations!
Even though I was travelling solo, I had been speaking to two girls who were on my trek on the Trek Live site, which you can create an account on once you have booked onto a tour. I exchanged numbers with one girl on the day i was flying out as she was flhying an hour before me and offered to wait for me at LAX. I wont lie, the flight to LA was sooooo long! but Iwould do it again in a heart beat if it meant I could do the trek all over again. I flew with United Airlines, who were really lovely to fly with, and very accomodating on a long flight. Getting through security went smoothly and before I knew it I had met up with Laura and we were on our way to the hotel in LA. The first day was very long and a bit of a blur from all the travelling. But the second day we started the trip off the best way possible… at IHOP! Then explored the sunny beaches of LA…

Trek started on the wednesday the 15th of June at 7:30am in the hotel lobby. Looking back now it seems so funny as the ‘randomers’ that strolled into the lobby that morning become my ‘trek family’ in such a short amount of time. We had to fill out a little bit of paperwork and then we hit the road for the best 3 weeks ever! Our tour leader, Peter, was such a cool guy, he really did make our trip the best it could be! We started off how we would spend the next few weeks and that was in our mini bus, which was named Maddie! We had a quick stop off to see hollywood (May have grabbed a cheecky mcondalds too) and then hit the road for San Diego!

It was to be expected doing such a large ‘cross country’ trip that it would be jam packed to see everything in such a short amount of time, going from one side of the states to the other but I think it was the best way as we got to see and do so much and it helped having some good playlists for the long drives…

San Diego was one of my favourite places we went to Belmont Park, the Gas Lamp, San diego Zoo, Coronado island and of course to petco park to see the San Diego Padres play the Washington Nationals baseball game!

Next up was Las vegas… This for me was a massive surprise! I honestly didnt think i would enjoy vegas but it completely surprised me. Trek America ensure you do vegas in style, we stayed at the Golden Nugget hotel right on freemont street, drove around and partied in aparty limo which was one of the best nights ever! You know what they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas but what I can say is it really bonded our group and we made some hillarous memories that we will all take with us forever, im sure. I tried gambling, failed misserably! and spent a hour looking for an alan statue in the caeser palace hotel, to find out there never was an alan statue, it was just a photo of alan by a statue…. I blame Erica for that one! Swam in the hotel swimming pool which had a shark tank in and just saw some odd things that you would only ever see in vegas!

After a great couple of days in vegas partying and laughing too much! It was time to hit the road again to the grand canyon! This was one of the things I was most looking forward too and a big reason I booked trek in the first place. I have always wanted to go to the grand anyon and fly over it in a helicopter… well I got to do all that and more! If you ever get the chance to go… then GO! its such a magnificent place…. so much to see and take it all in. Its amazing. No picrures will ever do it justice, you need to exeperiecne it in person. We got there in the afternoon, so we dumped our stuff off in the motel and then grabbed some food to take with us to watch the sunset. Peter made our grand canyon experience so special as he bought us all bandanas and blindfolded us, we all had to get in a line and hold hands, he then led us right to the edge to see the canyon for the very first time. We counted down from 3 and the took off the bandanas… I can honestly say it was one of the best things I have ever seen. What an amazing way to see the grand canyon for the first time?! (Thanks Peter) we then all sat eating pizza on the edge of the world watching the sun set… how cute?! The second day I did the helicopter tour and went exploring with some of the girls in my group. It was an instagram dream…

 I loved the grand canyon so much!

Off again, this time on our way to monument valley! We did the obligatory photo stop at forest gump point… Then arrived at monument valley for a jeep tour with one of the navajo’s, topped off with a native dinner cooked by some Navajo’s and sat eating dinner with them in the middle of monument valley watching the sun go down… What an experience.

Along the way there were some random stop off such as New Mexico and Carlsbad to break up the drives. But these stop offs were some of my best memories, we had some great trek family meals out, a hell of a lot of Mexican food and so much laughter it’s unreal.


I loved Texas as a whole and on our way to Austin we stopped off at Barton Springs… It was one of the funniest experience ever trying to be stable whilst the current was so strong, being bashed around into rocks. It was stopping off at places like this along the way that I loved and would never of known about If I had gone on my own!

I had one of the best nights out in Austin, the live music is amazing and so different compared to a night out at home. Peter had a dance off with some random guy and it was one of the best things I have ever seen! The whole group were screaming and cheering him on, it was brilliant!

One of my absolute highlights of the trip was when we arrived at the coolest looking guest house ever. In a random town called Lafayette. It  was like something out of a movie…  We arrived and saw a piano. One of the girls (Brainan) started playing ‘don’t stop believing on the piano and everyone stood around her singing! 

One thing I loved about trek was that every day there was something new to do and see and doing the swap tour down the river bayou on our way to New Orleans was one of my favourites… 

New Orleans was interesting… There was a lot going on and it had a really cool vibe. It wasn’t what I expected if I’m honest but we had a laugh…. We tried gumbo, Beignets, went on the river steam boat, got caught in a thunder storm and experienced a traditional ghost tour!

I fell in love with Mephis and Nashville! I knew Tennessee would be good but honestly it’s such a fun state, with so much to see and learn…. It’s the home to the king of rock and roll! I was not an elvis fan before going and I left seeing elvis in a completely different light! I have to admit I actually got emotional in mephis, visiting Graceland was one thing a but it so surreal when we visited Sun Studios and the lady pulled out an original microphone that would have been used by elvis. I stood on the spot where elvis would have stood and posed with the mic… That’s not something you do every day! 

I went to the famous Gibson factory to see the guitars being made and Of course I bought myself a cowgirl hat in Nashville and wore it line dancing… I have to say I am a big country music fan and being able to go to THE place for country music it was fab and I loved every minute of it!

Before the trip almost came to the end we had to make a stop off at the countries  capital WASHINGTON DC to celebrate Americas birthday… 4th of July! What an experience that was?! Seeing the parade, visiting some of the museums, the moonlight monument tour and the fireworks sat on the Lincoln memorial was one of the best things I have ever experienced!

The tour was coming to the end and we stopped off in Philadelphia for food and our last bit of sightseeing as a group! We climbed the rocky steps and saw the liberty bell it was great!

Before I knew it we were at our New Jersey drop off hotel having to say out goodbyes, it was very emotional and I can honestly say I didn’t want it to end!

I stayed with a couple of the Irish girls from my trek and we explored newyork for the next couple of days! There was so much to see in such a short amount of time, I know I will definitely have to go bac!

And then I had to go solo again to come back home!

I can’t express into words how much fun I had on this trip. I had the time of my life and would do it again in a heart beat! You see some of the most incredible things, meet some crazy people, make the best memories and honestly do come back with the travel bug!

If you are thinking about it do it! It’s the best thing I have ever done and I’m so glad I pushed myself to do it and can’t wait to book my next trip!

If you have any questions please comment or tweet me as I’m doing a post compiling all the questions I have already been asked for people thinking about booking! 

                                        Anna X 

3 thoughts on “ Im home…

  1. Just read the whole of your blog, Anna. Sounds like you had an amazing time! Reminded me so much of when I went, albeit only up and down the east coast. 16 years on (yes, I’m old) it’s the second best thing I’ve ever done (I’ll tell you what’s no. 1 in a bit). I’m still in touch with friends I made back then, and probably always will be. I loved every minute and can remember almost every day in detail 🙂 Only advice I would give is keep travelling, whilst you’re young enough and have no ties, and maybe even consider doing Camp America before a trek. If you think Trek America was good, you’ll love Camp America (it’s a challenge but still THE best thing I’ve ever done!). Glad you enjoyed it. Look forward to hearing more about it when we see you next. Tom x

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